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Monday, Oct 21, 2019

Top 8 domestic habits that annoy women

You love your man a lot, but there are still some things about him that drive you crazy. Let's take a peek.

india Updated: Jan 30, 2007 14:10 IST
HT Cafe
HT Cafe

You love your man a lot, but there are still some things about him that drive you crazy You open the refrigerator to find empty cartons of juice or milk and wonder how difficult can it be to chuck the containers into the bin

So, how many times have you been bugged by a certain trait or mannerism of your husband? Sever al for sure. It may be a wet towel that he keeps ‘forgotting’ on the bed or that toothpaste that is left uncapped. Let’s look at some of the common problems women face and get annoyed about.

Number 1
A wake of empty containers
You open the refrigerator to find empty cartons of juice or milk and wonder how difficult can it be to chuck the containers into the bin. It never fails to get your temperature soaring.

Number 2
Wet towels and combs with hair: This one really freaks you out, doesn’t it? After repeated reminders, what does it lead to? Silly squabbles that end up erupting into a big fight. It happens early in the morning, so that’s a bad start to the day already, you leave for work in a foul mood and probably end up having a bad day at work. Not to forget the train commute to work and back.

Maybe this will explain: When asked about his habit of taking baths, Winston Churchill once replied, “Why stand when you can sit?”. The same rationale applies to the use of multiple glasses for men.

Maybe they simply prefer using a clean glass each time they want to drink water, but that’s hardly an excuse. Some will even try to sell you the idea that it helps them keep count of the water they’ve consumed in a day.

Number 3
A pile of uncleaned water glasses You really lose it when you see several unwashed glasses used for drinking water. You don’t understand why your husband has to use so many glasses when he can actually do with one.

Hmm..a good excuse but not good enough to convince you.

Number 4
Pee on the toilet seat
This is one of the least pardonable offences. You husband may counter it by saying: “The problem will be solved if you don’t insist on keeping the seat down all the time.” A valid argument. Women claim it is good etiquette to leave the seat down, but the opposite is actually true.

Consider this: Since women need to sit down to relieve themselves, it’s easy for them to bring the seat down.

Men, on the other hand, have to bend down, lift the seat, begin peeing, and then bend down again to return the seat when done. They go to the washroom to pee, not to exercise.

Number 5
Upturned clothes How much time does it take to upturn his T-shirts and unroll the shirt sleeves after changing. Let’s see... five seconds, at most. But men never do it. Why? There’s no logic, really. Maybe they aren’t conditioned or trained to. “Besides, isn’t it a waste of time? Those clothes are going for a wash anyway,” is the argument.

Number 6
We don’t do housework
When it comes to home repairs and renovations, your husband is a champ. It’s another story that it takes a lot of persuasion and reminders before those things get fixed.

When it comes to helping out with household chores, there’s always some ‘important’ cricket match that can’t be missed. So what if the match is between Bangladesh and Nigeria?

Number 7
A martyr complex when sick When you’re unwell, you simply take some medicine, snuggle into bed with a hot compress and a good book. When your husband gets sick, he goes into a Shakespearian death throe, certain that he’s in the grip of a serious illness.

Number 8
Channel surfing rapidly
Aah, this one takes all the patience you’ve got. His endless and rapid channel surfing gives you a monster headache. You’re feeling dizzy but he’s not about to stop.

You’re forced to watch what he wants, so what if it’s only three seconds per channel? So you sit through an endless parade of sports highlights, monster movies and wrestling matches.

First Published: Jan 29, 2007 16:48 IST

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