Top four airports

The HT MaRS airline survey rated customer satisfaction with various airport services such as quality of food and beverages, parking facilities, ease of transit through airport, courtesy of staff at security check-in etc. Bengaluru airport was ranked one. The top four airports are listed below.

india Updated: Nov 09, 2011 23:05 IST

1) Bengaluru

Located 35 km away from the city's central hub, Bengaluru International Airport is in Devanahalli, off National Highway 7. Though the drive to the airport is long and tiring, the airport itself is a darling of passengers who find it clean and comfortable.

The airport scored a total of 815 index points, pipping the new T3 terminal as well. Bengaluru Airport scored particularly high in the 'access and departure from airport' as well as the 'terminal comfort and amenities' parameters.

Check-in and immigration is a breeze, while the facilities are a major improvement from the old airport where chaos reigned supreme.

The state-of-the-art lounges, equipped with comfortable seating, wi-fi facility and televisions ooze luxury and comfort, but most passengers find the departure hall cramped and wanting in space. Food options can be improved as well.

2) Delhi Terminal 3

The upscale T3 terminal was inaugurated last year amid great chest-thumping fanfare. Spread over 5.4 million square feet, everything about the new terminal screams 'big'.

It’s equipped to handle 34 million passengers annually, with 95 immigration counters and a 100-room transit hotel. The multi-level car parking, with a capacity of 4,300 cars, is the largest such facility in India.

The massiveness of the airport hits home as soon as you enter it, but the overtly-patterned, garish carpet hampers the movement of luggage.

The airport scores high in the access and departure from the airport' and 'food and beverages' categories, with a wide array of restaurants and a direct Metro line.

But the multiple, haphazard security checks and confusing signage earn it low scores in the 'getting around in the airport' and 'experience with security' categories.

3) Delhi Terminal 1

A few years ago, the Delhi airport could not live up to the expectations of a city aspiring for a place on the world map. Dirty, lacking in essential amenities, unhelpful staff-these were just a few of the problems welcoming people into Delhi.

In 2006, the GMR-led consortium was awarded the mandate to modernise the Airport after a competitive bidding process and much has changed since then.

A far cry from its days of yore, the airport now has a wide array of restaurants and cafes, comfortable lounges and is easily accessible. Although it doesn’t have the lights and glamour of Terminal 3, but in its steely,old-world yet spruced-up avatar it is aiming for efficiency and performance.

The airport scored high in the ‘food and beverage’ category, as well as the ‘getting around in the airport’ and ‘access and departure’ categories.

4) Chennai

Inching its way towards improvement, Chennai International Airport is trying to keep pace with a changing city.

Handling some 25 flights per hour on an average, the airport is now undergoing an expansion and modernization programme.

With contruction underway, the airport is disarry. But once completed, it promises a new domestic terminal and bigger international terminals, capable of handling 23 million passengers a year.

Over the next two years, the airport will boast of 104 check-in counters, 16 aerobridges, 60 immigration counters and two runways.

The airport is well connected to the city; though plans to connect it via metro will take another four years. While the airport has scored well in the 'terminal comfort and amenities' category, the toilets, which inspired horror stories from many a passenger need to be improved.

First Published: Nov 09, 2011 19:57 IST