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Tusshar Kapoor chat

Ekta Kapoor's kid brother Tusshar Kapoor clearly has more to cheer about than his star father and sister associations. For not only was his debut film Mujhe Kuch Kehnaa Hai a hit, his third film Kuch To Hai is also an average hit. A certain sign that the young lad is coming off his own. Read transcript of a chat with him.

india Updated: Feb 11, 2003 17:25 IST

Radhika: Can you tell about your character Karan in Kuch to Hai?
Tusshar_Kapoor: The character is a middle class boy who is a bit awkward as he is always out of money. The character takes a different twist in the second half as he is older and more mature.

Reema: Did you watch I Know What You Did Last Summer? Was your performance affected in any way from the Hollywood version of the movie?
Tusshar_Kapoor: We didn't try and copy the film at all. I didn't watch the movie at all!

Rairaghuvansh: First of all I would like to congratulate you for your brilliant performance in Kuch To Hai. Who is your inspiration?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I just inspire myself after every shot! I like to be natural and do whatever comes to me naturally.

Neerajpuri: When again are you paired with Kareena?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Waiting for the right offer.

Ghost: Why was the professor hunting for you?
Tusshar_Kapoor: He finds out that we have seen the wife's body and the police is after him.

Ramu: Karan and Tanya make an awesome pair together. You looked amazing in your previous movie as well. Are you working on any more projects together?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Not with Esha, but with Natasha.

Saseem: What did everyone in your group feel so guilty about?
Tusshar_Kapoor: About the death of the professor, and they felt responsible.

Ujjwala: As an actor, how satisfied are you with your performance in Kuch to Hai?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I am satisfied. I think I paid attention to every detail.

Vinod: How is your daddy doing? He should have danced with you in Kuch To Hai?
Tusshar_Kapoor: He did dance for a few seconds in the movie. We didn't try to overplay his character.

Meek: Are you satisfied with the audience response to Kuch to Hai so far?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I think people in cities have responded better than others.

Laughingbuddha: Who would you like to date this Valentine?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I don't mind dating Julia Roberts!

Bjram99: Are you interested in watching cricket?
Tusshar_Kapoor: No but I will watch the Indian matches.

Rairaghuvansh: What's next after Kuch To Hai?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Yeh Dil with Natasha and that's a violent love story.

Queenbee: How was it to work with Rishi Kapoor and Jeetendra, two great icons of yesteryears?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Rishi is one of my favorite actors and it was such a great pleasure to be with him! He knows so much! Working with dad also was very enjoyable. It was a bit awkward a bit in beginning though.

Monisha: You have a great sense of dressing up. Which designer clothes do you prefer?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I wear only my personal designer's clothes. Her name is Shabeena Khan. She buys readymade stuff and styles them for me.

Jayant: Are you in running for any awards for your performance in Kuch To Hai?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I hope so. I am not nominated as yet.

Preeeyanka: So... what is the "violent love story" all about?
Tusshar_Kapoor: It's got a lot to do with hardships of love.

Cutep: You have a very different name.... what does it mean?
Tusshar_Kapoor: It means snow and also dew drops!

Taran: What does it feel like to get success at the very first attempt with Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai (MKKH)?
Tusshar_Kapoor: It felt really good as I worked really hard for it!

Laughingbuddha: Is your sister a bully?
Tusshar_Kapoor: She's just a good taskmaster. She's a good person to work for as she doesn't compromise!

Lokesh: I have seen you in two movies and I found you doing emotional scenes... When will you do some serious/anti-hero roles?
Tusshar_Kapoor: If I get a good offer. It doesn't make a difference to me. I am game! The director must me good. I also want to do an action movie!

Achin_85: Who are your favourite co-stars? Do you enjoy working with Kareena Kapoor?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Kareena, Natasha and Amrita Arora! Enjoyed working with Kareena a lot!

Priya: Hi, can I please have your address. I am fan from U.K. and I must say you have millions of fans in Pakistan who want to meet you to!
Tusshar_Kapoor: I love to visit, if possible! I am going to Dubai for a show for the 17th of April. That's my first international live performance. You are most welcome there!

Rairaghuvansh: How was it working with a newcomer Natasha?
Tusshar_Kapoor: She's good, confident, natural actress with no tantrums. So it was a pleasure to have her on the sets!

Laughingbuddha: Who do you vibe better with - Kareena or Esha?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Both! On screen people like Kareena and me a lot!

Bjram99: As an Indian what would you like to do for the country?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I will just do my work well. If I do my work well, it will help in improving the unprofessionalism in the industry. I think it will be good for the country.

Vicky: Have you taken any formal training in acting?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I did take classes under Mr. Roshan Taneja.

Tina: How savvy are you with Internet? Do you have an official website?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I do surf the net. I check my mails! Why don't you help me with a website?

Bubadoba: Wish you all the best for the Dubai show, who are your costars in Dubai show?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Salman, Kareena, Esha Koppikar (not sure about Esha).

Filmsy: How did you bag the first project?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I was working as an assistant director under David Dhawan. By chance, I got an offer for the film by the director.

Gujjugal: What's your pet name?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Tush!

Dejavu: Did you always spell your name like Tusshar? If not, what made you change?
Tusshar_Kapoor: My name is Tushaar. I just changed it for the films.

Yogesh: In the next movie, what name will you like to be called by? Something starting with 'K'?
Tusshar_Kapoor: No! Not at all. I am called Ravi.

Rairaghuvansh: You have a very sweet smile. Is it natural or cultivated?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I used to feel shy smiling earlier in front of camera, but I have cultivated it I think.

Moderngod: Why do you always have to choose very colorful sort of movies, I mean don't you think you should choose some reasonable and meaningful sort of roles?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I think people go to theatres to watch colorful things. Even I prefer that to serious and depressing!

Shakira: Is it difficult to balance personal and professional life?
Tusshar_Kapoor: No it's difficult. No, it's not difficult if you are an organized person.

Rairaghuvansh: Who is your favourite actor/actress?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Meena Kumari, Rishi Kapoor, Guru Dutt and my father, Jeetendra.

Gurpinder: Who is love of your life?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Right now nobody in person. Right now the work is the love of my life.

Neha: What are you doing for Valentines?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I don't have a girlfriend right now. I think I will just hang out with friends. When I do have somebody then it will be Valentines that day!

Rairaghuvansh: If you had not been in field of glamour i.e. acting. Where would you have been?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Film producer/distributor or perhaps in the US as financial analyst!

Moderngod: Have you been working out recently or you knew the phase of muscular males would rule in Hindi cinema since earlier?
Tusshar_Kapoor: No! I didn't foresee anything like that. People like both muscular and non-muscular people. I think people care more about the personality!

Sapna: What are your favorite hangout spots in Mumbai?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Joggers Park. And no favorites now unless I am going out to eat. Sampan is one of my favorites!

Laughingbuddha: Do you think Vivek will go the 'Hrithik way' given the media hype he's generated?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I think nobody gets successful by media hype. If he gives a success like Kaho Na Pyar Hai then maybe!

Rairaghuvansh: Like other actors are you also eyeing Hollywood?
Tusshar_Kapoor: If I get a chance then I will surely try. Right now I am planning to establish myself here first!

Heena: What is your best asset?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I would say my hard work, perseverance and my ability to never give up.

Laughingbuddha: You seem to have a flair for comedy... Are you trying your hand at it? Any offers for hardcore comedy?
Tusshar_Kapoor: In all my films there's a bit of comedy. I know that I have a natural instinct for it. I am just waiting for a good offer for a hardcore comedy and prove myself in it.

Lookingfriends: How much time do you spend with your family in a day?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Every night we spend a lot of time together. Everyone's at home. None of us really go out much at night and all four of us get to spend time together.

Moderngod: If you hadn't been a star-son, do you think you would have had been able to act as hero in the industry?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Yes, of course. I didn't really take my father's help in my first movie. Even if my father had not been there, I would have done well. I have the confidence.

Rairaghuvansh: How has being a celebrity affected you? Do girls mob you wherever you go?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Yeah! I do get mobbed by fans who want to take my autographs. I think the fans are there for us! We have to be nice to them. I take it very happily.

a_n_k_u_r: What are the essentials for a successful comedian? Are they just shrill-shouting nonsenses?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Timing is very important. You have to enjoy while you are doing. It's an inborn thing. Most of it has to come from within though you can develop it a bit.

Preeeyanka: Out of all the songs that have been picturised on you, which is your personal favourite?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I think Ding-Dong from Kuch To Hai. I have enjoyed it most. I think the look in it is also very different!

Looey: How would you describe the Mumbai film industry?
Tusshar_Kapoor: It's a mad mad world. It's a full of all kind of people. There's a method to this madness. There are some very nice moments that I have spent here. It's a good and bad world both but it's definitely worth it.

xyz: What about negative roles? Do you have anything of that sort in the pipeline?
Tusshar_Kapoor: My sister is planning a negative movie for me. Nothing is concrete as such. But it should be justified. I won't play a villain but I would like to play a justified negative role.

Laughingbuddha: Why do you let the girls (read heroines) dominate you in your films?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I have never really intentionally let them dominate. If you feel that they are dominate me then that's good. At least I am not doing the typical films where heroes do everything and heroines don't do anything. I am giving them a chance and I think that's a good trend.

Rajat: Your acting performance in the movie was amazing. The role seemed to be extremely demanding and had many different shades throughout the movie. How do you rate your performance?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I would say that I would give myself a six or a seven out of ten. I think that's pretty fair because in thrillers and all there's not much of a scope to do emotional scenes. I think everyone besides me, including the other friends, they also did a pretty good job.

Ranjini: I greatly admire your acting in your three movies I have seen. How did you prepare for your role in Kuch To Hai?
Tusshar_Kapoor: I didn't do any preparation. I just used to rehearse on the set. And ask for my questions on the set. It was a pretty straightforward character. I did do some preparation so far as the look of the second half is concerned. That was a different kind of a character, specially the Ding Dong song. I paid attention to my costumes and the basic look on the song.

Umeed: How was it to work with Esha Deol?
Tusshar_Kapoor: Very good. I have done two films with her and especially when we do songs, we really have a good time because I think we both are pretty decent in the dancing department.

First Published: Feb 11, 2003 11:38 IST