Wanna add zing to life? Drink red wine!

Did you know that relishing day-to-day indulgences can turn you into a better lover and help you unleash erotic opportunities?

india Updated: Feb 03, 2007 17:52 IST
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Did you know that relishing day-to-day indulgences can turn you into a better lover and make sex more intense?

Awakening and strengthening your responses to certain stimuli (feeling the soft touch of cashmere against your skin, getting a rush from a sexy stranger's lingering look) can make you feel more sensual in and out of bed.

If you need to be open to great sex, then you have to be open to everyday thrills. Indulging in simple sensations can set the tone for gratification.

Recognising and relishing the following erotic opportunities is the ultimate way to deepen your sexual satisfaction.

Taste the warm sweet wine
Feel good vibes are unlocked when you let yourself unwind, and what better way to ease your frayed nerves than with a warm wine rush.

Red wine makes you feel hot and tingly because it is a vascular dilator, which means it increases blood flow throughout your body thus helping your muscles relax.

That doesn’t mean that you gulp down glasses of red wine.

Haven’t you heard slow and steady wins the race. Take small sips, roll it on your tongue and taste the wine. Let it tingle your sensation as well as your mind.

The aroma can also trigger a sensory experience.

The power of shower
Weekdays are always rushed, so taking a leisurely bath is out. But then what are weekends for?

Stand under the shower and soak in the warm water run down your body. A warm shower will help your tense muscles relax. It will also help increase your circulation, making you more receptive to everything tactile.

Give yourself extra time and concentrate on how good the soapy lather feels as you work your hands all over your wet body.

First Published: Feb 03, 2007 17:52 IST