Will conversion of LoC into Intl border solve Kashmir issue?

Who is right - Musharraf or Vajpayee? - "Musharraf's views on J&K are based on facts already acknowledged by the UN Charter. The world knows that India is violating the basic human rights of people of J&K. The views of Vajpayee are insincere and the language he has used about Musharraf is un-parliamentarian, says Anwar Younis, Karachi, Pakistan. "Musharraf has no choice but to speak lies and mislead his people to remain in power", says S Verma, Lagos, Nigeria.

india Updated: Sep 17, 2002 10:56 IST

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 In the light of the fact that India and Pakistan are both nuclear states, it would be better to freeze the LoC into international border to avert any nuclear fallout. This would end the hostility between the two neighbours who have raked the Kashmir issue for their benefits.  If the line of control is converted into international border India would stand to lose its age-old claim on Pak-occupied Kashmir. It might end the shrill of hostilities between the two nuclear states but is not a guarantee of a permanent solution to Kashmir issue.  

First Published: Sep 16, 2002 21:34 IST