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Wisdom speaks in silence

The equation between learning and analysis isn't simple because knowledge is germane only when it strikes chord within us.
PTI | By Rajgopal Nidamboor, Lifepositive
UPDATED ON SEP 03, 2004 01:43 PM IST

Most of us know the difference between mere learning and analysis. We usually read for delight but we also explore, to acquire knowledge. The equation isn't so simplistic because knowledge is germane only when it strikes an agreeable chord within us. To quote a timeless adage: "What you learn is of interest to your teacher and what you know is of interest to yourself, but the knowledge you put to use is of interest to all mankind. Knowledge unharnessed is but idle vanity and an affront to the gods."

Take for example, the word, silence. A physician and scholar in Eastern philosophy, Rolf Alexander explains that science holds the key to the attainment of knowledge. "It is a simple feat," he adds, "in the ordinary physical plane." But to attain silence in the metaphysical sense calls for something more than merely abstaining from making a blare, he avers. It means the absolute stilling of all thought processes in our wakeful state. The method of sleep, adds Alexander, is a remarkable parallel. Nature stills the mind to sense impressions periodically in our sleep. Small wonder why sleep is so vital for us.

Meditation is one of the primary steps in attaining silence. It provides us with the energy to turn our mind inwards upon self and hold it as still as a serene lake. Yes, when you begin, there will be difficulties. Sometimes, they could be quite enormous by themselves—little thought-ripples that become big and intrude into your silence. This should not pose a problem if you have patience. Once the art of silence and patience is cultivated, you will overcome their 'hold' on your mind. You would also hurl out unwanted thoughts as they come in, and invite new thoughts. Soon, you will get into the stage where everything else will be a formless, soundless void.

The best way is to meditate upon the all-pervading sea of Universal Mind. It is the great ocean of constantly operating wisdom. You can call upon this at will and be able and ready to solve all your physical problems. The next step is visualisation. Visualise a force at work, and realise that this energy is ready to assist you. To achieve this state is not easy. But, it is within your grasp, provided you are truthful to, and understand, the cosmic laws. Yes, you have to be receptive to understand the cosmic laws. Example: what the laws of computer graphics are to a computer engineer or the art of perfect footwork is to a batsman. 

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