Yesteryear's stars lament lost love
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Yesteryear's stars lament lost love

"Romance is missing in today?s life," points out Rati Agnihotri. V-Day special

india Updated: Feb 13, 2006 20:51 IST

“Where is love? Beautiful romance is missing in today’s fast paced life,” says Rati Agnihotri. While love is in the air all around the globe with Valentine’s Day on February 14, we speak to some beautiful stars of the yesteryears on what the day means to them.

“We should celebrate love all through the year, not just on February 14. However special this day may seem to youngsters and old alike, love should be always there in one’s life,” says Moushumi Chatterjee.

Rati seconds her thoughts and adds, “Valentine’s Day became known to me only a decade ago through my friend. The concept of Valentine’s Day has been misinterpreted commercially because love can and should be shared by one and all, not only lovers. I am a loving person by nature and if someone loves me even one per cent, I will give my love more than hundred per cent. That is how I am and I am lucky to be surrounded by loving people in my life.”

Moushumi reflects, “Life has become so fast paced that we (society) have declared and kept aside just one day for love – Valentine’s Day! Every culture must adopt the good things from other cultures. It is a good concept and has become a global phenomenon. However, one should never stop giving love – be it to animals, friends, colleagues, your spouse, children, plants and all that one can think of. Today, love is only known for its physical intimacy. It is sad but then times change and so do our prerogatives.

"Where is love? Beautiful romance is missing in today’s fast paced life," says Rati Agnihotri.

"Love means loving another person with all the flaws and virtues - a rare phenomena these days to find such a man or a woman Even though I am a loner, I enjoy spreading love in my own way. Love means caring and giving. With so much tension of fast paced lives, one has lost all the patience and that is the main reason why relationships are breaking every single day. Love according me is respect! If you cannot respect yourself, then it is very difficult to love another person.

Moushumi adds, “Love is the beauty of creation. Just like an ugly looking caterpillar, who transforms into a beautiful colourful butterfly and flies all over to spread joy in others, smelling the beautiful fragrance of flowers to bring a smile on our face. This is what I call the beauty of love!” personality.

Rati Agnihotri is not against the celebration of Valentine’s Day but she says, “When I see my teenage son Tanuj making all those preparations and doing mushy things for Valentine’s Day, I do feel strange! What today’s generation is missing is the real romance that my generation really enjoyed. Just holding hands used to give goose bumps, and being with your loved ones was an ultimate high. Walking on a beach with your loved ones is just so romantic and a beautiful experience! Today, all one thinks is about partying, going to the movies, dressing up well to impress your partner, buying expensive gifts and what not.

"This year, since I am shooting in Varanasi, I will be away from my husband Anil, who will be in Pune. However, our Valentine kicks off from February 9 onwards every year because it is our marriage anniversary. Love for me means doing various things for the person you care for. It may be your friend, your husband, your children or any one who touches your heart in a very special way. The joy of giving without expecting is love!”

Even though we couldn’t catch up with Rati Agnihotri’s son Tanuj to get his take (of the present generation), we managed to catch Moushumi’s younger daughter Megha, who is making her debut in Bangla film Bhalo Basar Aanek Naam (meaning Love Has Many Names) along with her mom.

Megha's thoughts are quite like her mother's. She says, “ Love to me is sweet poison! Valentine’s Day is a good romantic day! I strongly believe that it’s the small gestures that count if you love someone. I am very kicked about the day and we friends are going to have party right from February 13because one of my friends is getting married. So this year I am really going to have a great ball and party, party and party.”

So who is the special person that Megha is going to spend her Valentine’s Day? She says, “I am very much single now and I do feel left out when I see all my friends with their boyfriends (laughs). Not that I haven’t had my crushes in life but since the last five years I haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day and this year is going to be rocking! I am really looking forward to the special day (smiles)!”

Does she agree to her mom’s view that there is hardly true love in today’s time? A poet by nature, this beautiful youngster confesses, “Life has become very complex and complicated today. Yes, I do agree with my mom. There is hardly pure love. Everyone is self-involved. However, I have full faith in love even though it may be difficult to find true love. May be because I am a positive thinking poet by nature. I have written a lovely poem on love and also am helping my friends write verses on their Valentine’s cards. I am really enjoying every bit of it!”

So what is the lovely gift she would give to her Valentine and like to receive from him? She reveals, “The best gift would be me (laughs)! I would love to be pampered in a very romantic way with a candle lit dinner, box of chocolates and of course a ruby or an amethyst (my favourite stone)

The generation gap between mother and daughter hardly seems to have changed views about love.

It is for you all to find in small-small things, caring, sharing and above all in giving! So start giving, who knows you may find your Valentine this year!

First Published: Feb 13, 2006 23:00 IST