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Home / It's Viral / Fish ‘plays’ tag with its hooman. Watch hilariously adorable video

Fish ‘plays’ tag with its hooman. Watch hilariously adorable video

You have probably seen humans play tag. You may have even seen doggos play tag. But have you ever seen a fish ‘play’ tag?

it-s-viral Updated: Jun 05, 2020, 19:52 IST
Sanya Budhiraja
Sanya Budhiraja
Hindustan Times, New Delhi
The image shows a cichlid fish  in its tank.
The image shows a cichlid fish in its tank. (Reddit/@page-2-google-search)

Did you ever get a fish as a pet when you were younger, even though you specifically asked your parents for a puppy? Were you initially disappointed with the creature because you couldn’t cuddle it? But then grew up to love and care for it, just the same, as time passed?

We may be projecting, but fishes are known to have a ‘gateway pet’ reputation. First-time pet parents often get a fish and then graduate to other land animals, once they believe that they are ready. Well, this pet parent and their green terror cichlid are proving that fishes are as fun as any other land animal.

This just over 10-second-long video was posted on Reddit on June 4. The clip has been captioned, “This is the game I like to play with my fish”.

The recording shows a cichlid in its tank. It swims towards the pet parent who is holding the camera, while standing outside, and boops its little face on the tank glass. Soon, the hooman runs towards the other end of the tank, and the fishy follows suit.

Now, is this or isn’t this a game of tag? Check out the video below and let us know.

Since being shared to the subreddit ‘aquariums’, this post has collected almost 4,000 upvotes and nearly 100 comments.

Here is how Redditors reacted to this active fish. One person said, “This made me smile pretty big. I used to play that with my fish when he was younger too”. Another individual wrote, “I have a goldfish that I do this with, he’s a wonderful little guy with heaps of personality”.

“Aw, my little convict cichlid loves doing this with me too. They’re like little dogs sometimes,” read one comment. Are cichlids just aquarium doggos? If you figure that out, let us know as well.

What are your thoughts on this cute video?

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