The image shows paragliding instructor Hasan Kaval.(Instagram/@hasan_kaval)
The image shows paragliding instructor Hasan Kaval.(Instagram/@hasan_kaval)

Paraglider soars high in sky while sitting on sofa, watching TV. Video is amusingly scary

“This needs a ‘Do not try this at home’ disclaimer badly,” wrote a YouTube user on the video.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Trisha Sengupta
UPDATED ON JUL 05, 2020 04:16 PM IST

If after reading the title you find yourself saying ‘that is a joke,’ then believe us we are not kidding. However bizarre it may sound, this is something which actually happened and now a video of the incident has sparked chatter among people.

Performed by paragliding instructor Hasan Kaval, 29, from Izmir, Turkey, this video may evoke the feelings of fear and amazement simultaneously in you. The video opens with Kaval explaining what he is going to do. Within moments, he sits on a red leather sofa with a footstool, lamp, and television attached to it. A parachute, supported by two harnesses is also attached to the couch.

A few seconds into the clip, Kaval’s friends push the sofa of a cliff and it becomes airborne. The video continues to show him changing from his shoes into comfortable footwear while sitting on the couch. Then he makes himself comfortable on the sofa, munches on chips and drinks soda while watching Tom and Jerry on the TV. Eventually, he safely lands on land again. The video also shows how Kaval, with the help of his friends, modified the couch to use it for paragliding.

The video was shared by Kaval on both his YouTube and Instagram profiles:

With millions of views, his video has left people with tons of thoughts. “When someone asks what the most comfortable paragliding harness is, now we have a good answer,” joked a YouTube user. “Come on dude, get up off your couch and do something today. Go outside and get some fresh air at least,” wittily wrote another. “That is straight up insane...not even strapped in?,” wrote another. “This needs a ‘Do not try this at home’ disclaimer badly,” commented a fourth and it indeed does.

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