Woman hisss-terically calls for help after spotting a snake in her car. Then…

She was driving when she noticed the snake.
A picture of the snake hiding inside the car.(Facebook/Eureka Police Department)
A picture of the snake hiding inside the car.(Facebook/Eureka Police Department)
Updated on Jun 20, 2020 01:29 PM IST
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Hindustan Times, New Delhi | ByAmrita Kohli

Today in ‘snakes popping up where they shouldn’t’, a woman spotted a snake in her car while she was driving it. A post on Facebook details what transpired after this slithery discovery and it is quite a tail, pun intended.

The post has been shared by Eureka Police Department in the US. It details how the woman noticed the snake making its way through the driver compartment. Imagine being in the driver’s seat and noticing this scary reptile inside your vehicle. How would you react?

Well, the woman was certainly surprised and immediately called for help. The post says she had got quite the fright. Eventually, officers who could handle this slippery situation arrived to help the woman.

The post is complete with a picture of the snake in its hideout. It further adds an update that the snake couldn’t be taken out and had to be towed to another location. There, everyone simply waited for the snake to make its way out of the vehicle, which it did eventually, allowing the woman to get on her journey.

The post has collected quite a few reactions since it was shared on June 18.

“I wouldn’t be here to tell the story. Maybe alive and breathing but unable to form words,” shares an individual. “I have had nightmares about this very thing!! I always look under the seats before I get in,” says another who clearly worries about such a situation.

A rather brave individual suggests how they could have taken the matter in their hands. “Why didn’t you just reach in and grab it? Call me next time...” reads their comment. Umm… nope! That may be the only appropriate response to such a suggestion.

Here’s another Facebook user making the nightmare worse. “Did anyone tell this girl that snakes usually travel in pairs? Did she find the other one in the car?” Well, it doesn’t seem like she did and shush!

What would you do if you were stuck in this situation?

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