Ask Shaheen Bhatt Anything: On therapy vs family and infidelity vs discretion

  • The Mental Health champion and screenwriter answers personal questions
Shaheen Bhatt
Shaheen Bhatt
Updated on Sep 12, 2021 10:22 AM IST
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By Shaheen Bhatt

Therapy for all

I come from a family that is open about mental health. But my in-laws object to me going for therapy. What could I do?

—Kirti, Via Email

If you are not financially dependent on your partner or his family, go to therapy whether they object or not. Take the time to explain to them why this is beneficial for you, but do not let their disapproval hold you back from taking care of yourself. Consider speaking to your partner, too. To keep the peace with his parents, he isn’t prioritising your well-being. Over time, that may lead to resentment and trust issues. 

Dad update

While updating my dad’s phone, I realised he’s having an affair. How should I react?

—Aanchal, Via Instagram

We all idealise our parents, but we forget that just like us, they’re human. They make mistakes. They, just like us, are also feeling their way through life. Whatever goes on, his relationship with your mother is theirs to deal with. Do not take on anger on her behalf. 

Think about how your father’s affair is affecting his relationship with you and you alone. If you find it has somehow impacted your relationship, that might be something for you to address with him. 

Shaheen Bhatt’s public outing of her own challenges with mental health fuelled discourse about a relatively ignored topic, and made her a role model for young girls to look up to


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