Men’s Style and Grooming by Yatan Ahluwalia: Get monsoon ready

ByYatan Ahluwalia
Jun 20, 2021 08:07 AM IST

Planning a wardrobe and grooming regime for the monsoon has become just as important as it is for summer and winter. Follow this style and grooming guide for the rainy months to get it right

Decoding the lead look

Clean shaved face with smooth and oil-free skin is the look this season; Model: Vishu marya (A fitness model from Delhi) (Yatan Ahluwalia)
Clean shaved face with smooth and oil-free skin is the look this season; Model: Vishu marya (A fitness model from Delhi) (Yatan Ahluwalia)

Hair: Shoulder length naturally wavy and curly hair, tied up casually in a high knot at the back. We conditioned and nourished the hair with the oil pods by Mikami.

Tip: If you have long hair, tie your hair up in a ‘man bun’. Keep the sides and back devoid of any hair so you stay cool and sweat free.

Brows: Trimmed and natural.

Face: Clean shaved face with smooth and oil-free skin. We used the Oil control serum by Ethiko.

Lips: Smooth and buffed lips. We applied the all-natural lip scrub by TNW.


5 seasonal style changes

I suggest you begin by bringing about some changes in your wardrobe:

1.Wear lightweights: Wear clothes that are made with fabrics and materials which are light, airy and quick drying.

2.Avoid layering: Do not layer your look, so there is adequate ventilation for your body.

3.Don’t wear thick fabrics: Avoid fabrics that are heavy, thick, or coarse as they cause excessive sweating and take a long time to dry.

4.Endorse the comfort fit: The ideal fit during this season, should be either loose or relaxed. Refrain from wearing snug or tight-fitting clothes so you can prevent excessive perspiration and hide sweat patches as well.

5.Less is more: Keep the amount you have on to the bare essential. Do not add elements that you can do without like scarves, caps, jackets, and waistcoats.

Colours & Prints

Colours: White is a good choice, because it looks good against most skin tones. But it is always at the risk of looking dirty and stained. Colours like red, yellow, and orange work. In fact, the brighter the colours you wear, the more you will stand out! Think bright neon shades and tones.

Prints: Aquatic prints for your casual wardrobe. Wear fish, dolphins, sea horses and shells as prints. Sport these on shorts or t – shirts.

What to wear

1.Shirts: Choose half sleeve over full sleeve and ensure that the armholes are wide. Unbutton your collar as often as possible. This will prevent the shirt from clinging to the body or vest during humid conditions. Wear shirts that have a short length to avoid them bunching up under the lowers.

Tip: To protect your collar from getting dirty with sweat and grime, line it with some tissue paper till you get where you must.

2.T – shirts: I strongly recommend you wear cut sleeve t-shirts, vests, and tank tops. You can choose between a V-neck, round neck and one that has a collar. However, try and ensure that that you keep the area around the neck as loose and airy as possible to allow adequate ventilation.

Tip: Avoid wearing t-shirts that have transfers, as they tend to cling to the body when wet.

3.Trousers: Choose a comfort or relaxed fit and ideally a straight cut. Wear fabrics that dry easily and colours that do not show up dirt or water marks.

Tip: Wear crease free fabrics since clothes tend to go limp during the rains.

4.Shorts: Shorts are the seasons must have commodity. Based on your height, the shape of your legs and your built, you can choose a length that works for you – from short running ones to knee length styles.

Tip: Trim the hair on your legs if you are excessively hairy.

The quick drying printed knee length shorts by Uniqlo
The quick drying printed knee length shorts by Uniqlo

The activewear collection by Uniqlo features FUTURA2000’s signature atomic icon. The shorts are airy, quick drying and extremely comfortable. My recommendation as a must have for casual or daywear.

5.Jeans: A relaxed fit is better. Stay away from styles that are flared around the ankle – they are not just tough to keep clean and dry but also don’t suit the average Indian body type.

Tip: Denim tends to retain a lot more moisture than cotton does and takes that much longer to dry. Lightly spray some starch before ironing to prevent it from drooping.


Choose a light waterproof watch. Wear a chain, only if you must – ditto for rings and bracelets. Keep the use of belts (especially ones in leather) restricted to formal dressing and wear only when necessary.

Tip: Avoid metals like copper and silver on accessories and buttons since they tend to often react when exposed to high humidity.


The vegan and sustainable footwear by Greensole
The vegan and sustainable footwear by Greensole

If you are wearing closed shoes, ensure you air them out well after you use them. If you can carry them off, wear boots - especially if you plan to venture out in the rain. Wear cotton socks without any synthetic blends. Allow your feet to ventilate at night and wear slippers or open shoes at home. Wipe the area between your toes well after a shower to prevent excessive humidity.

Tip: Sprinkle some talcum powder into your shoes at night and dust out in the morning – this will absorb the moisture and stale smell and leave a fresh after smell through the day.

This lace up pair is handcrafted to perfection using sustainable materials. The uppers are made with rewashed canvas, dye print and comes with comfortable and breathable padding. This one is my pick for leisure and casual wear.



High levels of humidity, sweat and grime tend to take its toll on hair, and this results in strands staying out of place, a limp style and excessive sweating on the scalp.

Styling products

While a good strong gel can offer the perfect solution to keeping hair in place and prevent the style from falling flat, it is not the most suitable product to use in conditions of excessive moisture. Instead, you can opt for a mild hair wax or styling pomade that coats the hair, thereby preventing exposure to the elements. Wax tends to give a matt look, but this is by far the best choice for the rains.


In terms of styling, shorter and medium length hair is far more manageable than longer hair. Messy, uneven styles that are high on texture are better suited since they are low on maintenance. If you do have a longer length, you should tie your hair up.


Humidity, sweat and water can also affect your skin. You need to ensure your follow this simple grooming routine (on a weekly basis) at home for at least the next two months:

Deep pore cleaning

Use a clay-based face masque to pull out hidden dirt, grime, and pollutants from the skin. Make a paste with water and apply onto the face and neck, excluding the area around the eyes and allow to dry out completely, then wash.

Oil-free skin

For those of you who have issues with oily skin, especially on the forehead and nose, I suggest using a toner. Simply dab onto a ball of cotton and wipe. Toners absorb and dry out the excessive oil, leaving your skin cleaner. You may also use rose water as a natural substitute.


We tend to sweat a lot more in humid conditions than when it is hot and dry.


It is natural to sweat, and there are a few solutions on how to prevent excess of it. One of the simplest and most effortless is to wipe very well after a shower – use two towels if you must. If you have issues with stale smell on the feet, put a little talcum powder on your feet and before you put your socks on. Keep the neck and face clear of talcum powder, as it tends to collect sweat and grime besides absorbing it.


I suggest a strong application of a deodorant stick for your underarms. Thereafter, lightly spray this area and the rest of the body with a deodorant spray. Finish off with a strong smelling and long-lasting perfume and carry it along (in your car, bag, or locker at work) to freshen up at least once or twice in a day.

Three products to use

1. Face Pack:

The calendula flower extract face pack by Richfeel Naturals
The calendula flower extract face pack by Richfeel Naturals

Infused with the goodness of Calendula flower extracts, this anti acne face pack helps control breakouts, keeps the skin infection-free and restores the overall health of your skin. It also prevents blemishes and remove excess oil, leaving your skin even toned and oil free.

2. Face Wash:

The multani mitti face wash by The Natural Wash
The multani mitti face wash by The Natural Wash

This face wash has deep cleansing properties that work well for normal to oily skin. It has oil-absorbing properties that control the production of excess oil by giving relief to skin problems like acne, pimples, and tan. Works effectively.

3. Moisturiser:

The plant derived moisturiser by Rejusure
The plant derived moisturiser by Rejusure

The vegan plant derived retinol moisturiser formulation functions synergistically to improve the skin tone through a process that is natural, reversible, and completely safe. Feels good when absorbed into the skin.

The author is an image, style and grooming consultant and trainer.

From HT Brunch, June 20, 2021

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