Shaheen Bhatt: Can Clubhouse connections be therapeutic? And how to address your parents’ spending habits

Hooked to Clubhouse and wondering why spilling your heart out to strangers feels therapeutic? And how do you point out the errors in your parents ways? Our expert has some advice
Our expert’s take on Clubhouse addiction and addressing financial situations with your parents
Our expert’s take on Clubhouse addiction and addressing financial situations with your parents
Published on Oct 09, 2021 09:40 PM IST
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By Shaheen Bhatt

The power of connections

I’m finding Clubhouse rooms so therapeutic, that I feel stronger after talking to strangers, and have stopped therapy. My therapist says it’s fine, but I’m not sure. What do you think?

—Neekita, Via Instagram

Human connection and communication is tremendously therapeutic.

Part of what makes therapy so helpful is the ability to feel seen and heard.

It sounds like Clubhouse rooms are doing that for you and there’s nothing wrong with finding strength in that. The only thing to be mindful of is that there are certain things that only professionals are qualified to help you with and this is not that.

Money talk with dad

My dad won’t stop investing in stocks and as he has no idea, he loses a lot of money. My mom ignores the problem and I feel he will just dismiss me if I speak. How can I approach the topic with him gently?

—Roohi K, Delhi

Money is a sensitive topic on the best day, so subtlety is the key. Broaching the subject directly might make him feel attacked. But you can point your father in the right direction. Gift him a book on investing, send him links to financial blogs or articles or find him a good podcast. This way, you’re being supportive and encouraging him to learn more about his interests.

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