Yoga asanas to beat Thalassemia: Expert shares inputs

Published on May 09, 2022 09:40 AM IST
  • From Balasana to Shavasana to Trikonasana, here are a few yoga asanas that should be incorporated into the daily fitness routine in order to fight Thalassemia.
Yoga asanas to beat Thalassemia: Expert shares inputs(Instagram/mindfulbyminna)
Yoga asanas to beat Thalassemia: Expert shares inputs(Instagram/mindfulbyminna)
ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi

Thalassemia is a genetic disorder in which the body is prevented from producing haemoglobin and red blood cells. This further leads to Anaemia – a condition where the body does not have enough red blood cells. The medical treatments and procedures which are used to control the disease are extremely invasive in nature, which further adversely affects the patient and the family members. Yoga Expert Akshar, in an interview with HT Lifestyle mentioned that the practice of pranayama, meditation and yoga asanas have proven to have a positive impact on the patients with chronic illnesses as they help in having a positive mindset and hence improve the pace of recovery of the patient.

“For patients with thalassemia, a Sattvik plant-based diet is highly recommended. Ensure that you eat on time and stick to home-cooked meals. Try to increase consumption of these vegetables - carrots, beets, spinach, and sweet potatoes. When you eat natural antioxidants, it helps to reduce the damage that can be caused due to excess and free iron in your body. Avoid all packaged, processed and refined foods,” said Akshar. He further noted down the yoga asanas that should be practised in order to fight Thalassemia.

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Balasana: Also known as the child’s pose, Balasana helps in improving the overall posture of the body and relaxing the mind. It also helps in creating self-awareness.

Trikonasana: Trikonasana, or the Triangle pose, helps in improving the blood circulation in the body. This yoga asana helps in boosting the overall immunity and assisting digestion and burning the fat.

Tadasana: This yoga asana, when incorporated in the daily routine, helps in improving the posture and creating self-awareness.

Paschimottanasana: Besides improving the overall immunity of the body, Paschimottanasana also helps in improving digestion and boosting the blood circulation of the body.

Shavasana: This yoga asana helps in aiding the immune system and calming the nervous system. It also helps in reducing headache, fatigue and anxiety.

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