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Living large in a shoebox! Is it worth living in New York's tiniest apartment or size does matter?

ByPaurush Omar
Jun 02, 2023 10:21 PM IST

In the bustling city of Manhattan, where rents seem to climb higher each month, one particular apartment listing has captured the attention of New Yorkers

New York City is notorious for its sky-high rents, but one apartment listing in Greenwich Village is raising eyebrows and sparking disbelief. Priced at $2,350 per month, this 77-square-foot unit has caught the attention of netizens due to its minuscule size and the absence of a bathroom. Let's take a closer look at this peculiar listing and explore the reactions it has generated.

Kitchenette in NYC's tiniest apartment.(Twitter)
Kitchenette in NYC's tiniest apartment.(Twitter)

A Closer Look at the “Perfect Starter Apartment”

Situated on the third floor of 49 W. 11th St., this apartment is marketed as a "perfect starter apartment." However, potential renters soon discover that the compact space is a single room occupancy studio without a private bathroom. Instead, tenants must share a communal bathroom in the hallway with other residents. While this setup may be reminiscent of college dormitories, it's certainly not what one would expect in the heart of Manhattan.

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A Viral TikTok Tour

Real estate agent Omer Labock from Douglas Elliman shared a TikTok video that quickly went viral, showcasing the apartment's astonishing size. In the video, Labock humorously reveals that the entire apartment can be seen in just a few seconds, leaving viewers astounded. The clip highlights the kitchenette area with a mini fridge and sink, a single large window, and the absence of a bathroom. Labock explains that the bathroom is actually located in the hallway and shared among four different units.

The shared bathroom is in the hallway and is used by four other tenants.(Compass)
The shared bathroom is in the hallway and is used by four other tenants.(Compass)

Mixed Reactions

As news of the listing spread, people couldn't help but express their astonishment and critique. Comments flooded social media platforms, with many expressing disbelief at the exorbitant price for such a tiny space. Some likened it to a fancy jail cell, while others questioned the legality of such rentals. Despite the negative reactions, it appears that someone saw value in the apartment, as it was rented out just a few weeks after hitting the market.

Comparative Affordability

Rent Hop, a leading real estate platform, reveals that the $2,350 monthly rent for this unique apartment is approximately 40.26% cheaper than the median rent for a studio apartment in Greenwich Village, which stands at $3,850. While the price may seem high given the limited space and lack of a bathroom, it still presents a more affordable option compared to other rentals in the neighborhood.

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In the competitive New York City rental market, it's not uncommon to encounter unusual living spaces. However, this 77-square-foot apartment without a bathroom has captured attention and sparked a conversation about the high cost of living and the compromises some renters are willing to make. As Manhattan rents reach new heights, it serves as a reminder for New Yorkers to carefully consider their options and prioritize their needs when searching for a place to call home.

(Source: New York Post)

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