Pawsome Friendship Day: 5 ways pets teach us the true meaning of friendship - Hindustan Times

Pawsome Friendship Day: 5 ways pets teach us the true meaning of friendship

Aug 05, 2023 11:30 AM IST

Our furry, feathered, or scaly companions not only bring joy and companionship but also teach us valuable lessons about the true essence of friendship.

International Friendship Day is celebrated on August 6 to celebrate the incredible bond that unites us with our closest human companions. However, there is another form of companionship that enriches our lives in profound and unconditional ways – our beloved pets. They are more than simply cuddle companions; they have a particular place in our hearts and teach us important life lessons, such as the true meaning of friendship. Their unwavering affection, devotion, and capacity to connect with us on a deep level make them exceptional instructors of friendship. In this special tribute to our cherished animal companions, let's explore five heartwarming ways in which pets demonstrate the true essence of friendship. (Also read: Fur-friends forever: 10 ways to celebrate Friendship Day with your pet buddy )

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, our beloved pets often serve as a comforting presence, offering unconditional love and friendship.(Pixabay)
In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, our beloved pets often serve as a comforting presence, offering unconditional love and friendship.(Pixabay)

Ways pets teach us the true meaning of friendship

Ambarish Sikarwar, Business Head of Zigly, shared with HT Lifestyle five heart-warming ways that our beloved pets teach us the true meaning of friendship.

1. Love unconditionally

Our pets adore us unconditionally and without judgement. They are not concerned by our beauty, income, or social standing. We are their universe, and they treasure every moment spent with us. This everlasting attachment tells us that true friendship is focused on genuine caring and acceptance rather than materialistic goals.

2. Living in the moment

Being present in the moment is one of the most essential things you can learn from your pet. They don’t dwell on the past or bemoan the future. When your cat eats a kibble bow, he isn’t concerned about gaining weight or needing to move more. He’s just enjoying his meal and living in the moment. It’s the same when your dog just keeps playing around you or new people, jumping and running. They teach us to live and enjoy the present moment.

3. A good listener

Many of us communicate with and trust our pets way too much. According to research, our dogs are listeners and pay great attention to what we say. It’s safe to claim that our pets will not reveal our secrets. While they may not understand a word we say, it makes us feel better to be able to communicate our emotions. The same is true for human companions. Everyone wants a buddy they can trust with their thoughts or secrets, someone who listens without interrupting. Most people appreciate a friend who is a good listener!

4. Be kind

Our pets are really nice to us. They frequently rely on us and allow us to engage in activities without causing harm. Kindness and tenderness are indicators of our mutual trust. People deserve and appreciate acts of kindness and compassion much more than our pets. Kindness can go a long way in relationships, whether it’s carrying something for a neighbour or being there for a friend who is going through a tough moment.

5. Live up to the expectations

Our furry companions depend on us for care and attention. We provide them with nourishment, and baths, and ensure their surroundings are clean. By taking them for walks and regular vet check-ups, we prioritise their health and well-being. These selfless acts strengthen the bond between a pet owner and their beloved animal. True friends are reliable and strive to meet each other’s expectations, following the golden rule of treating others as we want to be treated. Your friends will cherish your positive qualities, just as you cherish theirs.

These are just five ways they teach us about the real essence of friendship, but in reality, they teach us a lot more. It is from our pet’s we learn about unconditional love and being there for each other without any expectations. Consider yourself lucky if you have a pet and their life revolves around you!

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