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Mango summer delight with healthy twist: Beat the heat with this delicious Mango Millet Cheesecake. Recipe inside

By, New Delhi
Jun 12, 2024 11:17 AM IST

We have curated the perfect recipe for Mango Millet Cheesecake, which you can make at home and relish with your loved ones during summer. See the recipe inside.

Summers and mangoes go hand in hand! As the temperatures rise, every Indian household beats the heat by stocking their refrigerators with this juicy fruit, often known as the King Of Fruits. The reason - mango not only offers a superb taste, but it is also packed with nutrients. The fruit has more Vitamins A, B, C, E and K and more antioxidants than other fruits. Additionally, you can enjoy the fruit as it is or create savoury and sweet dishes with it. And since the temperatures are rising, we decided to curate a delicious sweet and cold cheesecake recipe that you can enjoy with your family at home.

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Beat the heat with this delicious Mango Millet Cheesecake Recipe. (ITC Hotels)

What's more? It comes with a healthy twist of millets. Check out this delicious Mango Millet Cheesecake Recipe to beat the heat.

Mango Millet Cheesecake Recipe


For Cheesecake

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Cream Cheese 300 gms

Sweetened Condensed Milk 120 gms

White Chocolate 40 gms

Heavy Cream 130 gms

For Millet Crumble

Millet Biscuits 200 gms

Butter 50 gms

For Glaze

Vegetarian Gelatin 30 gms

Castor Sugar 400 gms

Mango juice 400 gms


For the Base

Crush millet cookies, add melted butter, and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Grease a cheesecake mould, line the bottom of the cake mould with the mixture and flatten equally.

For the Batter

1) Whisk Philadelphia-style cream cheese in a kitchen aid with a paddle attachment for 5-6 minutes until soft and smooth. Using a spatula, scrape down the sides regularly.

2) Chop the white chocolate into small pieces. In a saucepan, bring the heavy cream to a 35% boil, pour it over the chopped white chocolate, and make a ganache.

3) Stir the condensed milk into the ganache. Fold small amounts of ganache mix into the cream cheese. Do the process continuously to avoid making any lumps.

4) Pour the cream cheese mixture over the crushed millet biscuits lined in the mould. Bake at 150 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes. Once done, cool down the cheesecake and refrigerate it.

For the Glaze

Boil mango juice and castor sugar in a pan. Add the vegetarian gelatin to the mixture. Once the glaze is set, you can pour it over the cheesecake.


You can bake the cheesecake in a mould or ring. Once baked, it should be frozen and then garnished with the glaze.

(Recipe By Chef Akash Khandelwal, ITC Hotels)

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