3 things that hold you back from growing in a relationship

Published on Sep 18, 2022 04:31 PM IST

Despite your best efforts, it happens frequently that you don't advance in a relationship. Check out these three factors to see if they are holding you back from growing in your relationship.

3 things that hold you back from growing in a relationship(pexels)
3 things that hold you back from growing in a relationship(pexels)

Relationships are incredibly fragile and demand continuing efforts. You typically anticipate a relationship to improve your life when you enter one. Daily duties, unspoken and voiced resentments, busy schedules, different requirements for alone time or social interaction, increasing distance and crushing disappointment are frequently present in our relationships. Despite your best efforts, there are many things that prevent you from growing in a relationship therefore, it's critical to recognise some things if you want to have a happy and healthy relationship. (Also read: 3 relationship mistakes we all make; how to avoid them )

"If you find yourself struggling in relationships (platonic or romantic), it’s time, to be honest with yourself about what the common denominator may be. These types of conversations are difficult because they require vulnerability and patience but they lead to growth, which is why they are necessary. The more you talk about them, the less painful it becomes to address them, "says Sadaf Siddiqi, Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert in her recent Instagram post. She further shared 3 things that often hold you back from growing in a relationship:

1) Lack of awareness about your attachment wounds

• If you often experienced emotional neglect or invalidation from your primary caregivers, you may not have developed a sense of security.

• Reflecting and processing your triggers can increase relational awareness (your understanding of how you connect with others).

2) Lack of attunement to your partner

• Emotional attunement refers to being present, interested, and aware of your partner's needs.

• This requires you to actively listen, ask questions, pay attention to nonverbal cues, and provide support if you have the capacity.

3) Lack of personal responsibility

• You will make mistakes in intimate relationships. Sometimes, you're not going to have the capacity to tolerate or deal with your partner.

• While this is normal, you're still accountable for your role in issues. Own up to it and make repairs.

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