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Relationship tips: 4 rituals to deepen intimacy in your relationship

Aug 17, 2022 08:48 PM IST

Here are the four rituals which will deepen intimacy in your relationship and strengthen your bond.

One of the key foundational elements of a strong and fulfilling relationship is intimacy. Rituals of intimacy might be viewed as "habits with heart." Traditions developed between a couple are known as intimacy rituals; even the smallest habit you establish has special significance.

4 rituals to deepen intimacy in your relationship(Pinterest)
4 rituals to deepen intimacy in your relationship(Pinterest)

Rituals are crucial to a relationship since they not only help a pair become more intimate but also help to strengthen the bond between partners. Keeping rituals helps couples build strong, enduring relationships that get stronger every day. Couple rituals support a healthy relationship by giving the couple security, maintaining closeness, and deepening the bond. Keep these rituals fresh and exciting by changing the small routines instead of continuing them for eternity.

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Writer Dimple Punjabi, who is also a popular mental health educator, recently shared on her Instagram page 4 rituals to deepen intimacy with your partner.

1. The six-second kiss

According to the world's leading researcher of marriage & relationships Dr John Gottman, sharing a daily 6-second kiss with your partner increases relationship health and happiness. He recommends 6 seconds because it's long enough to feel romantic and make a moment of real connection with your partner.

2. Planning weekly surprise dates

Dedicate a day every week for surprise dates and take turns to plan this out in romantic and unpredictable ways for each other. It can be a game night, a drive-in movie, street-food hopping, a long walk in a park or an ice cream date.

3. 20-seconds hug

Hugging your partner for 20 seconds while feeling their heartbeat can help you stay close to them and improve your happiness. Hugging releases the "love hormone" oxytocin which is known to build trust and connection. Studies have also proven its role as "nature's antidepressant" that promotes feelings of happiness. It strengthens your connection and bond.

4. Keep your phone away when together

Couples who spend more time on the phone when together report more conflict, lesser physical intimacy and lesser conversation. Making an effort to go to bed at the same time, without distractions and keeping your phone outside whenever you and your partner are together automatically encourages intimacy.

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