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Tarot predictions for your zodiac this Diwali

Tarot Card Reader, Maanya Sharma, looks at her cards to find out what's in store for each of the 12 zodiac signs this year. She also brings for you a special Diwali Mantra that will enhance your fortune.

lifestyle Updated: Oct 31, 2013 13:48 IST
Maanya Sharma
Maanya Sharma

Diwali is an auspicious day. It is the Amavasya Tithi in the lunar month of Karthik. It heralds a new year and has the potential to illuminate your life.

Our Tarot Card Reader, Maanya Sharma, looks at her cards to find out what's in store for each of the 12 zodiac signs. She also brings for you a special Diwali Mantra that will enhance your fortune.

Dear Arians, This Diwali brings with it a new year, a new life, a sort of rebirth! It will be a time of reckoning when you will get the rewards of your past endeavors (both good and bad). Diwali brings with it a kind of purging, your slate will be wiped clean and you will be able to start afresh. The universe is giving you a new chance. Seize this opportunity and use it to your advantage. You can achieve anything you wish for, just start working toward it.

The cards are also advising you to learn from your mistakes. Put the past behind you and look to the future. This Diwali let the divine light inspire you to move forward in a new direction!

Lucky Number: 20
Lucky Color: All shades of green
Diwali Mantra: Buy 2 silver coins on Dhan Teras (November 1st), and keep them with you throughout the year.

Dear Taureans, This Diwali comes brings with it a lot of material happiness. It ushers in a period when you will buy luxury items, be it a new car, a new house or renovate an old house. You will have an abundance of material wealth! This material gain could come through inheritance or through your own hard work - in both cases you truly deserve it.

Professional success is also foreseen. You will be greatly appreciated by people around you for your good deeds. Rise in name and fame is predicted for hard working Taureans.

Taureans, try to seek a balance between material accomplishments and spiritual wisdom. Now that you are enjoying material abundance, remember to concentrate on spiritual growth as well!

Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Color: Red
Diwali Mantra: This Diwali, light the entrance of your house with nine earthen lamps.

Dear Geminis, brace yourself because this Diwali brings with it the promise of true love, love that is divinely blessed.
Love that is "composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." This year, you will meet your soul mate, or may even get engaged or married to your lover!

Diwali also brings with it a choice. The choice might be in the form of a moral dilemma as it may pull your head and heart in different directions. However, you will ultimately do the right thing and will make the right choice in life.

Professionally, time is ripe for you to work as a team. You might even get into a new partnership or might sign a deal, which will be immensely beneficial.

Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Color: Red and Dark Blue
Diwali Mantra: Place a glass or crystal bowl filled with water and Rose petals in the north-west corner of your house.

Dear Cancerians, Diwali brings with it special blessings from Goddess Durga (Feminine Goddess). Have faith, the Goddess will provide for you and take care of all your needs. You will get close to your mother or a motherly figure. Material wealth, security and stability are on the cards. You may also travel to your hometown or place of birth! It is a good time to invest in property or renovate your house.

Family life will be good. You will be filled with love and happiness and enjoy all sorts of material comforts. Plan a vacation with your family, it will be rejuvenating. You will be intuitive and emotional and your dreams may come true!

Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Color: Green and Light Blue
Diwali Mantra: Recite the Durga Saptashati, every day from November 1 to 5, from Dhan Teras to Bhai Dooj.

Dear Leos, This Diwali foretells the coming together of diverse forces. You will form new relationships, friendships and partnerships.

Diwali will also bring harmony and balance in your life. You will be calm and at peace with yourself. Go with the flow. Don't try to oppose the current of life. Do not try to be overtly-pessimistic or overtly-optimistic. Seek balance and wisdom.

A conflict with a friend, lover or relative will be resolved through compromise. You might get back with your ex-lover. Health will be good. You will recuperate if suffering from an old illness. Meditation will be therapeutic.

Lucky Number: 14
Lucky Color: All pastel shades
Diwali Mantra: Buy a gold coin or a gold ornament on Dhan Teras (November 1st). It will augur well.
If it is not possible to buy gold, then buy silver or any utensil.


Dear Virgos, Diwali brings with it all forms of celebrations and festivities in your life. The entire year will be a year of merriment - be it an engagement, wedding, baby shower or a simple get-together - you will be donning your party hat all the year round! The cards predict happy times spent with loved ones.

Diwali also brings for you a chance of love! You might meet your "special someone" at a get-together. Be open and there is a high chance that you might be introduced to your "special someone" through a common friend or family member.

You will join a new community or society or may take up a social cause.

It is also a good time to relax and take a break from your work. Health appears to be good.

Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Color: Lotus Pink
Diwali Mantra: Gift sweets to at least three people on this Diwali. (Don't gift fire crackers!)

Dear Librans, This Diwali, children will bring happiness in your life. A young person close to you (could be your child or young sibling) is ready to take up new responsibilities.

A new job, promotion or rise in income is also on the cards! A new opportunity might unfold at work and even though it might not appear beneficial at first, it has the potential to make you tread the path of success.

The cards also predict that you will develop a passion for learning and absorbing new ideas. You might learn a new language or join cookery classes, enroll in an online program or decide to pursue higher education.

Look for opportunities to enhance your skills. Students will do really well this year.

Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Color: Brown
Diwali Mantra: Make Rangoli (decorative design) using rice powder at the entrance of your home.

Dear Scorpions, "The darkest hour is just before the dawn." This Diwali brings with it…"Dawn" in your life. The night is over, bad times are behind you and though you might still be in pain, it's time to get up, dust yourself and embrace life with open arms!

Each ending brings with it a new beginning and every defeat brings with it signs of victory. Learn from misdeeds and pray to the heavens that you are now able to do good and follow the path of righteousness. I know that you have suffered a lot, gone through immense hurt, use it to your advantage.

"Lord, help us to accept the pains and conflicts that come to us each day as opportunities to grow as people and become more like you." - Mother Teresa

Lucky Number: 10
Lucky Color: Yellow
Diwali Mantra: Worship the Sun for forty days starting November 4th.

Dear Sagittarians, Diwali brings with it hope, optimism, faith and enlightenment.

Diwali comes with a lot of positivity in your life and sweeps away all that is negative. Have faith trust the heavens and all your anxieties and worries will disappear!

You will feel inspired to do things you have never done in your life. Take the first step; the divine power is with you. Work toward your goals and you will surely be successful. Miracles happen in life, you need to believe in them and also work towards manifesting the miracles in your life.

Lucky Number: 17
Lucky Color: Silver
Diwali Mantra: Place a glass or crystal bowl filled with water with floating candles in the northern corner of your house. Light the candles in the evening.

Dear Capris, Diwali will appear to bring with it a paradoxical situation. According to the dictionary, a paradoxical situation is made up of two opposite things that seems impossible but is actually true or possible. This situation might urge you to make a sacrifice, yet this sacrifice will be for your own good!

This Diwali, the cards are urging you to do things paradoxically. If your mind tells you to do something, then doing nothing could be the best thing to do. If you are chasing something (or someone), halt, stop and only when you stop chasing, the thing will come to you itself. (I hope you understand what the cards are trying to tell you!)

Great happiness is beckoning you but only if you are prepared to sacrifice something for it. It might be a physical or material sacrifice but could also be sacrificing an idea or a cherished dream.

Lucky Number: 12
Lucky Color: Violet
Diwali Mantra: Pray to Lord Hanuman or Goddess Kaali on Kali Chaudash/ Chhotti Diwali, November 2.
P.S.: Message for my Capri friends…. Forgetting about one love will help you love someone else!

Dear Aquarians, this Diwali gives you the courage and strength to fight your inner battles and outer conflicts. The cards foresee a period of conflict where adverse situation or people may keep throwing new challenges at you. But, the cards also see that you will rise to the occasion and face all challenges that life might throw at you. Remember to stay calm, keep your thoughts aligned and think logically.

You might try to bring in new ideas at work; however, these ideas might face opposition from skeptics around you. Hold your ground and stay firm. Trust yourself. With courage and determination you will be able to emerge victorious.

Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Color: Turquoise
Diwali Mantra: Keep a bowl/kalash of water in the East direction of your house. If possible keep the bowl from November 1st to 5th. Remember to change the water every morning.

Dear Pisceans, This Diwali brings in great professional success. Your supervisor or boss will be favorable toward you and will help you climb the ladder of success. In fact, all professional people such as lawyers, doctors, professors will be favorably disposed toward you. If you are involved in any litigation, the judgment will be in your favor (if you are in the right).
You will see the workings of Karma and will get what you truly deserve. If you want good things to happen to you, you must do good.

This year, you shall make good decisions in life. You might also be asked to resolve a crisis or conflict. Remember to play by the rules and be impartial.

Lucky Number: 11
Lucky Color: Cream, Pastel Yellow
Diwali Mantra: On Diwali, keep Diyas (earthen lamps) on your parapet wall in multiples of four.

Wishing all readers a very happy and prosperous Diwali!

Maanya Sharma can be contacted at: 09013486847
You can catch her monthly Tarot Predictions by following her Facebook community, Lady of Tarot,

First Published: Oct 30, 2013 18:32 IST