What type of dad do you have?
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What type of dad do you have?

The traditionalist who imposes curfew after 7pm or the one who helps impress your gal... this is one guy who can go miles to make you smile. Spot your dad here.

lifestyle Updated: Jun 16, 2013 01:29 IST

The traditionalist who imposes curfew after 7pm or the one who helps impress your gal... this is one guy who can go miles to make you smile. Spot your dad here.

The know-it-all dad
Whatsapp him from anywhere, anytime, ask anything and he will tell you everything, kya politics, kya sports, kya weather aur kya rock bands! You can’t love him more for texting the latest on that chap called Edward Snowden early in the morning! Friends believe you’re the coolest one around, and you know how blessed you are!

Stay-away-from-my-girl dad
This dad freaks out and pulls his sleeves up to flex his muscles when a bunch of roses are delivered to your doorstep on Valentine’s Day or a hot guy can’t keep his eyes off you at a party etc etc. His actions might leave you hissing, but remember, daddy does it because the doting one can’t imagine his sweet lil’ daughter growing up. Give him some time.

Superman dad

SuperdadGirlfriend ka problem? Boss making you suicidal? Got drunk at a party and no one to drop you home? Daddy dearest makes sure he is always a call away, and he has a magic fix for all your woes. He never tells you he got back home early from work, called off that long-pending outing with friends, did not watch his favourite TV show to make sure there’s nothing or no one bugging you in your life. This is the guy who made the lamest of excuses at work to visit you in kindergarten. No wonder, he is your superman. Kudos to you dad, you make your kid feel so special!

Health-freak dad
From fruit shakes to crunches to pranayama — daddy spends a lot of time staying fit and wants you to follow suit. He inspires you to take the stairs rather than the elevator, accompany him to early morning jogs, juggle between heavyweight dumbbells, and down glasses of amla juice. Few years down the line, you’ll be thanking pop for being so fabulously in shape. Daddy, you are the best!

Daddy cool
Daddy hits nasty notes on the bass guitar, beats you at your favourite Xbox game, messages you that funny joke before any of your friend does. He is way ahead
of your buddies when it comes to being cool. May be he gets it wrong at times by cracking PJs at the most unfortunate time or showing up at your college in those beach shorts you so much hate. But, dude, isn’t he is the biggest softy you know, who lights up your world in a matter of minutes? Go, give him a kiss.

Long-distance dad
Always on the move, he leaves early, returns when you’re sleeping, he’s working even when he is paying electricity bills, he has mastered balancing his phone, iPad, files while on the wheels. And hey, he at times sends you emails even when he is just 7 kms away from you! You hate his obsession with work, but dude, isn’t he slogging it out for your sake only? Don’t worry dad, we understand. :)

Dad’s the spy
No one inspires him like Sherlock Holmes. He rushes to your room if your phone beeps at 4am (finds out it’s the alarm), he sends friend requests to your Facebook pals, he is ready to drop you to college, tuition, gym, club. You caught him poring over your poem diary, and he said he was looking for his glasses! He once politely suggested if he could accompany you for your friend’s bachelor party. Chillax daddy, we know you can’t ever have anyone harming your child. Your kids will never let you down.

Papa’s pop connect

1960s Don’t Cry Daddy by Elvis Presley (1969): The song is still remembered for the king of rock n roll’s smooth croons as he becomes the voice of a child who is trying to soothe his father after the loss of his mom.

1970s Papa was a Rollin’ Stone by The Temptations(‘72) & Daddy Cool by Boney M (‘76): Both these songs have been iconic for their catchy rhythm and quirk-filled lyrics. Many of us still rattle off the words easily. She’s crazy like a fool... daddy, daddy cool!

1980s Papa don’t Preach by Madonna (1986): The song is remembered for rebellion-infused lyrics and the pop princess’s iconic short crop and street style. The song also came under fire from women’s group for allegedly justifying teenage pregnancy.

1990s My Father’s Eyes by Eric Clapton (1998): “When I look in my father’s eyes. My father’s eyes. Then the light begins to shine. And I hear those ancient lullabies and as I watch this seedling grow, Feel my heart start to overflow.” Need we say more?

2000s Daddy by Beyonce (2003): The song is a fitting tribute to a father, laced with lyrics that express heartfelt gratitude and trace memories of childhood full of beautiful father-daughter moments. Play it today and make your dad’s day.

Dads you can’t forget
The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) saw Will Smith play a loving dad to real life son Jaden Smith.
Amrish Puri (DDLJ) and Utpal Dutt (Golmaal) play angry but endearing mooche-d dads.
What do Principal Viru (3 Idiots) and Peter Griffin (Family Guy) have in common? Their comic charm!
SRK makes for a doting daddy to little Anjali in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)

First Published: Jun 15, 2013 17:31 IST