Lok Sabha election 2019 LIVE updates| UDF has full dictionary of scam, LDF is no better: PM Modi in Kerala’s Calicut

A day after the first phase of polling, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold rallies at Ahmednagar in Maharashtra, Gangavathi in Karnataka, and Kozhikode in Kerala. Meanwhile, BJP national president Amit Shah will be campaigning in Odisha in the afternoon. He will then to head to Chhattisgarh to address a public meeting later in the evening. Congress chief Rahul Gandhi will address four public meetings in Tamil Nadu.
Lok Sabha elections 2019 will be held in seven phases between April 11 and May 19 and the results will be declared on May 23.:

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08: 07 pm IST

PM Modi warns Kerala of people who are on bail and are coming to Kerala for bail out

Beware of people who are on Bail for Tax theft, they are coming to Kerala to get a bail out.

Ask them what they have done in their current seat when they demand your vote in Kerala : PM Modi in Kerala

08: 00 pm IST

Opposition non serious on national security: PM Modi in Kerala

Speeches of the leaders in opposition have been quoted in Pakistan to bring India’s image down. The opposition is actually non serious for national security: PM Modi in Kerala

07: 47 pm IST

Want to ask outdated communists & fake liberals, why are you silent on political violence in Kerala: PM Modi in Kozhikode, Kerala

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kozhikode, Kerala: I want to ask outdated communists & fake liberals, why are you silent on political violence in Kerala, what are your compulsions? I assure my fellow BJP Karyakartas, your struggles won’t go in vain. Their bullying won’t weaken us, reports news agency ANI.


07: 42 pm IST

People of Kerala will repeat Tripura in Kerala very soon: PM Modi in Kerala’s Calicut

In Tripura the government used every means possible to disturb BJP, they even used violence to keep there failures away from light, but the people of Tripura in polls kicked them out of power, BJP was given power with immense majority, same is bound to happend in Kerala: PM Modi in Kerala

07: 32 pm IST

LDF and UDF same parties with different names: PM Modi at Kerala rally

For years the kerala was dominated by left and congress. But both failed the state, Bjp is only alternate here. LDF and UDF their difference is only names.

Both looted the state. They were in race to indulge in corruption, development, there is no agenda for both. Many industrial units like Mavoor Gwalior Rayons were closed long back.

07: 30 pm IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses poll rally in Kerala’s Calicut

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses poll rally in Kerala.


07: 15 pm IST

PM Modi feels if he controls CM, he controls the entire state: Congress President Rahul Gandhi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi in Madurai, Tamil Nadu: Mr Narendra Modi feels that just because he can control the Chief Minister, he controls this state. We don’t want to control this state, we want people of Tamil Nadu to control this sate.


07: 12 pm IST

Demonetisation took away the money, NYAY will bring it back in economy: Congress President Rahul Gandhi

Demonetisation took money away from your pockets, which later resulted into unemployment in the economy. Factories had to be shut down as there was no money in the economy to buy commodities, but our NYAY scheme will return the money back to your pockets: Congress President Rahul Gandhi at Tamil Nadu’s Madurai

07: 10 pm IST

Congress President Rahul Gandhi addresses poll rally in Tamil Nadu

Congress President Rahul Gandhi in Madurai, Tamil Nadu: We say power must be in the hands of the people, they say power must be in the hand of one man.


05: 42 pm IST

The fight is for the spirit of Tamil Nadu: Congress President Rahul Gandhi in Tamil Nadu’s Theni

It is the fight for Tamil Nadu’s spirit, it is fight between two visions.

Now it is upon people of Tamil Nadu what they chose, either the vision which sees Tamil Nadu being ruled from Nagpur or the one where People of Tamil Nadu decides their policies: Congress President Rahul Gandhi

05: 34 pm IST

Next budget of Congress government dedicated to farmers: Congress President Rahul Gandhi

In 2019 will do some dramatic things for the farmers of the nation, we want to remove fear from their hearts, we want farmers to understand that their government stands for them.

If we come to power our next budget will be dedicated to the farmers: Congress President Rahul Gandhi in Tamil Nadu’s Theni

04:06 PM IST

Lok Sabha election is about nation first or family first: PM Modi

While speaking at Gangavathi rally in Karnataka, prime minister Narenda Modi said that this Lok Sabha elections is about “nation first or family first”.

04:03 PM IST

Karnataka’s CM disrespected our soliders: PM Modi

Karnataka’s CM said that those who don’t get food twice a day, they join Indian forces. Now tell me, isn’t that disrespectful to our soldiers? Is this how you are going to ask for votes?

03:58 PM IST

On May 23, fir ek baar ‘Modi sarkar’: PM

May 23 is the day when Modi sarkar will return once again and the farmers will get their dues.

03:53 PM IST

They are pushing the Pakistan propaganda so that it harms Modi: PM

They are pushing the Pakistan progaganda so that it harms Modi. But there is a wave across the country favouring the return of his government.

03:48 PM IST

In 2014, Deve Gowda had said he will quit politics if Modi becomes PM: Narendra Modi

HD Deve Gowda’s son said that if we form government in the Centre again, he will quit politics. In 2014, Deve Gowda himself had said that he will quit politics if Modi ji becomes the PM, but did he quit politics? so, will his son quit politics, too?

3:15 pm IST

Krishna Tirath quits BJP, rejoins Congress

Former union minister Krishna Tirath has quit BJP and rejoined Congress. She had joined BJP in 2015, before which she was a member of Congress.


2:54 pm IST

‘Will give youngsters 3 years to register startups’: Rahul Gandhi

“We will encourage youngsters to establish startups. We will provide three years to the youngsters, they can get their startups registered once they are established,” said Rahul Gandhi in Tamil Nadu.

2:47 pm IST

‘We will bring about the real made in India, made in TN’: Rahul Gandhi

“Narendra Modi has hurt you over the years. He has given a slogan ‘made in India’, but all we see is ‘made in China’. It was all a farce. We will bring about the real ‘made in India’ and ‘made in Tamil Nadu’,” said Rahul Gandhi while addressing a public rally in Salem.


2:41 pm IST

‘Modi government not interactive’: Rahul Gandhi

“One morning, Modi decides to destroy the economy, and brings about a note ban. Did he as anyone? No. Because even a 12-year-old would have told him that there is something wrong with the decision,” said Rahul Gandhi in Tamil Nadu.

12:36 pm IST

‘Our manifesto not prepared in closed room’: Rahul Gandhi

“When we were in the process of preparing out manifesto, someone mentioned Anita’s name. The young girl who ended her life because of the NEET issue. So our manifesto talks about ensuring no more Anitas end their lives. We let the people of Tamil Nadu decide. Our manifesto was not prepared in closed room,” said Rahul Gandhi at his rally in Salem.

2:32 pm IST

‘Not only Karunanidhi, but voice of Tamil people insulted’: Rahul Gandhi

“Stalin mentioned that his father was insulted. But if anyone sits down and reflects, they will realise that they insulted not only Karunanidhi, but the voice of Tamil people,” said Rahul Gandhi.

1:50 pm IST

PM takes a jibe at Congress’ Sharad Pawar

“I have no hopes from the Congress but what has happened to Sharad Rao Pawar, who is from the land of legendary Chhatrapati Shivaji (a medieval ruler in Maharashtra)…You quit the Congress on the issue of nationalism. For how long will you maintain silence on the demand for two prime ministers in the country?” PM Modi said during his rally in Ahmednagar.

1:32 pm IST

‘All but Rahul, Pak hailed PM’s decision to avenge martyrs’: Amit Shah

“After Narendra Modi government avenged 40 of our soldiers, only two units were disappointed. One, Rahul Gandhi and company, and two, Pakistan. Should we talk to those who bombed 40 of our soldiers? Or should we simply bomb them? Whatever Congress party’s policy is, we believe those who shoot at us deserve to be bombed,” said Amit Shah at his rally in Keonjhar, Odisha.

1:20 pm IST

Amit Shah addresses public meet in Odisha

“The Modi government has worked a lot for the development of Odisha. Make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister again, and he will establish the much awaited steel plant in Keonjhar,” said Amit Shah in Odisha.

12:40 pm IST

‘TN will no more be ruled from Nagpur ’: Rahul Gandhi

“We will not allow Tamil Nadu to be ruled from Nagpur. The state will be ruled from here, and Stalin will be the chief minister of the state,” said Rahul Gandhi while concluding his address to public in Tamil Nadu’s Krishnagiri.


12:37 pm IST

‘Will give 33% reservation to women in central jobs’: Rahul Gandhi

“A quota is promised in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and State legislature to women. As many as 33 percent of the central jobs will be reserved for women. Our alliance is the alliance of the people and we believe in social justice and secularism,” said Rahul Gandhi.

12:32 pm IST

‘All poor families will get Rs 72,000 yearly’: Rahul Gandhi

“Rs 72,000 will be given to all poor families every year under the scheme Nyay Yojana. The money given to these families will be given to the women of these households. There will be no discrimination on region or language,” said Rahul Gandhi.

12:27 pm IST

‘I want to carry out surgical strike on poverty’: Rahul Gandhi

“Modi had promised Rs 15 lakh in everyone’s bank account. But I knew it was not possible and wanted to know how much could actually be put into everyone’s account. I wanted real numbers, not big theories. I am not for destroying the economy. I want to carry out a surgical strike on poverty,” said Rahul Gandhi while addressing a public meeting in Tamil Nadu.

12:19 pm IST

‘BJP indulges in hate politics against people of TN: Rahul Gandhi

“BJP wanted to indulge in hate politics against the people of Tamil Nadu. Without love, we cannot win the hearts of the people of this state,” said Rahul Gandhi in Krishnagiri.

12:12 pm IST

‘Congress siding with those who want to separate J&K from India’: PM

“The Congress is siding with those who are saying they will separate Jammu and Kashmir from India. But I do not expect anything better from the Congress, as they are the ones who gave birth to this separatist ideology,” said PM Modi in Ahmednagar.


12:01 pm IST

‘Voters will not accept Congress’ weak stance on terrorism’: PM

“I want to ask the first time voters whether they accept the previous government’s weak stance on terrorism. Only if our country remains safe, will the countrymen’s future be secure,” said PM Modi at Maharashtra rally.

11:47 am IST

‘10 years of remote government were difficult’: PM in Ahmednagar

“The world witnessed a decisive, strong government in India in the past five years. Before that, ten years of ‘remote government’ were difficult to survive...now people have seen the real face of the Congress party,” said PM Modi at Ahmednagar rally.

11:35 am IST

PM Modi’s rally begins in Ahmednagar

PM Modi’s first public meeting of the day began at Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, started the event by addressing the huge crowd gathered for the rally.

11:25 am IST

May 19 last day of polling, results on May 23

The last day of polling is on May 19, and the counting of votes for all 543 Lok Sabha seats will be taken up and results declared on May 23. A total of nearly 900 million people are eligible to exercise their franchise in the seven-phase general election.

11:05 am IST

‘First phase of polling largely peaceful’: EC

The Election Commission of India (ECI) said the first phase of elections, in which 140 million voters had been eligible to participate, was largely peaceful and the voter turnout varied.

10:43 am IST

Amit Shah to campaign in Odisha, Chhattisgarh

BJP national chief Amit Shah will address public meetings in Odisha and Chhattisgarh. The first one is scheduled at 12:30 pm, and the second at 4 pm.

10:35 am IST

Rahul Gandhi to address public meets in Tamil Nadu

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi is going to address four public meetings in Tamil Nadu. The first one is scheduled at 11 am in Krishnagiri, second at 1 pm in Salem, third at 3:45 pm in Theni and fourth at 5:30 pm in Madurai.

10:25 am IST

PM Modi to hold rallies in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to address four public meetings today. The first meeting is scheduled to be held at Ahmednagar in Maharashtra at 11 am, second at Gangavathi in Karnataka at 2 pm, and third at Kozhikode in Kerala at 6.30 pm.

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