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Mummy’s logic decoded: Indian Quora answer why Indian mothers behave like they do

If you get irritated by your mother’s pestering habit of overfeeding you or interrupting just when you sit down to call a friend, don’t worry because you are not the only one in the list. Read stories by Indian children to know about mother’s logic.

more lifestyle Updated: May 29, 2017 14:13 IST
Henna Rakheja
Henna Rakheja
Hindustan Times
Actor Kirron Kher’s character in the Sonam Kapoor-starrer movie Khoobsurat defined almost all the irritating and loving traits of Indian mothers.

Why do mothers behave like this? ‘This’, in this case means why mothers behave in a peculiar manner (which is best known to them). Children from India have shared their versions of their mother’s logic on question and answer site, Quora. And, since the stories are related to Indian mother’s, the replies will relate with most of us.

The question, which was posted on the website was: What are the best stories about mother’s logic? It has received 61 answers, and as expected, most of them will instantly crack you up with their humour and wit.


Many of the users have mentioned this one typical habit of mothers — to forcefully or slyly overfeed children. One of the users named Kandarp Joshi from Pune, Maharashtra, has written:

I always eat three chapatis, not more, not less. But, when I open my tiffin box at office, I always find four chapatis.

Mother’s logic :- If any of your friend might want to eat or if you have more work load someday, you might get hungry. What then?

I eat alone. I always bring one chapati back. But, next day again, it’s one chapati more in tiffin box.

I try hard to explain it to her, but it’s always one chapati more.

Rekha feeds son Hrithik Roshan in the film Koi... Mil Gaya (2003).


No matter how tensed you are, or how hard you are struggling to improve your scores, or happy that you have finally cracked that much awaited promotion; the result of every conversation comes down to the food that you want for dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow!

One of the users, Monisha Gangasri from Tamil Nadu, has explained these situations bang on:

Scenerio 1 :

Me : I have scored less CGPA this time. How am I going to cope with this?

My mom : What are you going to have for tomorrow’s lunch - lemon rice or tomato rice ?

Me : *Facepalm*

Scenario 2 :

Me : Mom! I got good marks in entrance examination. But I don’t know which college to choose. I am confused.

My mom : What do you want for dinner - idly or dosa?

Me : *Facepalm*

Scenario n :

Me : I think I will fail in that subject.

My mom : I have made your favourite dish, go and eat.

Me : *Facepalm*


If food is extracted from the life of an Indian mother and they are dragged out of the kitchen, then beware of their capabilities to invade your Facebook and WhatsApp accounts or groups.

One of the users, Pooja Lakshmeshwar from Bengaluru, describes the never-ending drama of matrimony at home.

Ma: Who is that new boy in the group picture you put up?

Me: My friend’s friend. Met him yesterday when we all hung out.

Ma: He looks good, why don’t you marry him? Ask her to talk to him about you. Which caste is he? What does he do? He is tall also. You will make a lovely pair. Is he from Bangalore? Should we approach his parents?


P.S. This phenomenon only occurs when the Indian girl is in her marriageable age.


If your mother says that they don’t need your help then beware because the minute you take to your game station or mobile phone, when inside the house, their behaviour will make you wonder what just happened on earth!

Saransh, a Delhiite and an analyst by profession, narrates such proceedings in Indian households quite adeptly:

Me : Mom, you need help?

Mom : No, I’ll do it.

10 minutes later,

Mom :All you have to do is chatting all day, can’t even help your old mom in work


No matter how irritated a young one feels by his/her mother; it’s their presence that one always craves for. Among many of the users who have stated how their mother’s take care of them, one of these stories, by Anisha Kochhar, will make you teary eyed for sure.

Here’s what Kochhar writes:

Mom( discussing every wrong eating and sleeping habit i practiced in my entire lifetime)

“Don’t get out the bed. Take these medicines. Look what you have made of yourself. Can’t you even care about yourself this much?”

( Does not sleep the entire night and cares for you until you are healthy as a horse, actually even mire healthy as you were before getting ill”

Mom has high fever and a bad headache.

Prepares food for you. Does all the household chores without complaining once. Forgets to rest and take her medicines and end up giving the explanation. “Im all right. No need for a doctor. Ill manage. Its just fever. You take care of yourself.”

In the film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995), the bond between Kajol and Farida Jalal defines the relationship between a mother and a child beautifully.

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First Published: May 29, 2017 14:12 IST