Kids take picture with Delhi Police cops patrolling on their bicycles in Nehru Park.
Kids take picture with Delhi Police cops patrolling on their bicycles in Nehru Park.

Selfie with a cop: The new ‘it’ thing among kids

Since cops have started patrolling the public parks on bicycle, children are often spotted clicking pictures with them.
Hindustan Times | By Ruchika Garg, New Delhi
PUBLISHED ON OCT 03, 2020 12:17 PM IST

“One thing that kids have started loving is to take a selfie with a cop, and show it to their friends later,” says Monika Kapoor, a mother and entrepreneur who takes her kids for a walk to Nehru Park every day. Delhi Police cops have been of late patrolling this park, and other few parks on their bicycles during the morning and evening hours, to avoid any untoward incidents.

“Before the Covid-19 pandemic as well our cops used to patrol the parks for two hours everyday, and now as people have restarted visiting the parks, the bicycle patrolling by Delhi Police staff has resumed. I’m glad to know that the kids now love to take a picture with cops. This will not just make them feel that we are approachable and friendly, but also ensure that we are here to help them,” says Pragya Anand, ACP, Chanakyapuri.

The cops have been sensitised about crimes related to children, so that they know how to help them not just in the parks but otherwise as well. “The patrolling staff makes sure there’s no mishappening with the visitors who came along with their family and friends. They are especially told to pay attention towards kids. Many diplomats also visit Nehru Park and Lodhi Garden, and it’s out duty to help them and make them feel comfortable,” adds Anand.

Kapoor, the regular visitor at Nehru Park, adds, “My kids are not sacred of Police now...During the lockdown, kids were repeatedly told that doctors and Police are corona warriors as they are helping us and working for us so that they can be safe. I feel that concept helped children change their previous perception of cops.”

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