The refreshing face of beauty in 2021

From multitasking beauty products to Natural look or minimal makeup, here are trends that would be raiding the radar in 2021
Beauty trends that would take over 2021
Beauty trends that would take over 2021
Updated on Dec 31, 2020 11:25 AM IST
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The year 2020 is over with bittersweet memories. While the year had us all engulfed in the scare of the novel virus, we also saw many positive changes take place. From people becoming compassionate to moving ahead adapting to the difficult times, we have passed the year and moving towards 2021. The beauty industry also witness a seismic transition like many others but what’s in store for us in the upcoming year? Read on:

Since the year forced us to stay indoors and we didn’t get much chance to put on our fancy makeup many of us have really become comfortable with our skin and avoid or do very less makeup. Natural look or minimal makeup which will make the skin look glowing and dewy will be in.

With most of us glued to our laptops and all the time attending some virtual meeting or another our eyes have gone for a toss. So, a lot care and importance will be given to eye care. Keep a good eye cream or gel to avoid getting dark circles you can also put potato slices on your eyes for 5 minutes to soothe them.

Another trend that I feel will be picking up a lot is waterless beauty. We all know that the world is facing water crises and beauty industry is known for a lot of water wastage. With people becoming more and more environment conscious, the time for sustainable beauty has arrived. Also, another reason why brands will also opt for waterless products is because when they use water in their products, they need to add more chemicals to avoid it from evaporating. With companies moving towards natural and organic products skincare will become more holistic

DIY skincare is what we all have followed throughout the lockdown so how can we let go of this beautiful skill that we have acquired over the months. So, we will see a lot of DIY in skincare, haircare and even body care.

Multitasking makeup will be a go-to option. Lip tint which can be used as both on lips and cheeks as blush for last minute zoom calls too. Or tinted sunscreens and moisturizers can be your go to product giving you both SPF protection and light coverage for day look.

Feather Brows are going to set the trend for 2021. Dark filled up blocky brows are making an exit. It’s time for more natural and minimal brows.

Eye makeup will remain in focus in 2021. Black is a classic, but bright florescent eyeliners and mascaras will be enjoyed in the coming season.

Skinimalism would be the key word. Healthy skin with smooth soft firm clean skin is a perfect canvas for makeup. When u have smooth soft glowing skin you need minimal makeup for a perfect glamorous look. To achieve a glowing skin no doubt is a effort and regular at home as well as professional clinical medical treatments. Regular hydration serum nourishing vitamins c E niacinamide based creams for day , regular retinols for night skincare .

Procedures for zoom face will be seen growing. Lip fillers is always trending to add oomph factor to your look. Botox to relax the lines of anger and stress on forehead will be considered. Overall hydration treatment for good healthy skin will also be an option. Skin tightening and sculpting facials to feel fresh will also be an integral part of skincare regime

Inputs by beauty expert Dr Blossom Kochhar, Cosmetic surgeon Dr Geeta Grewal and Beauty expert at Star Academy Neena Singh


    Prerna Gauba writes on fashion and food, for the daily Entertainment & Lifestyle supplement, HT City.

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