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Malavika’s Mumbaistan: London summer

mumbai Updated: Jun 27, 2018 16:59 IST
Malavika Sangghvi
Malavika Sangghvi
Hindustan Times
Malavika’s Mumbaistan,Mumbai,Malavika Sangghvi

Sachin Tendulkar enjoys his summer getaway.

As part of the great exodus of India’s high and mighty to London each year (‘reverse colonisation’ as a wag commented) and like Bollywood stars and businessmen, India’s cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar appears to be enjoying his summer getaway to the English capital too. But, unlike the usual shopping and schmoozing that goes on during the silly season, the legend appears to be enjoying more rarefied pursuits. Those who know the icon speak of him as an avid and knowledgeable foodie, with a fine appreciation for wine. In this picture, shot during a luncheon in Weybridge outside London over the weekend, Tendulkar is seen with a goblet of Chardonnay, which he holds perfectly by the stem. As any wine aficionado knows, this is the correct way to balance a glass of wine as the warmth of one’s body does not transfer to the liquid. The person, who made it a practice to point this out to Mumbai’s wannabe wine connoisseurs many decades ago, is erstwhile columnist and bon vivant businessman, Asit Chandmal, who used to write regularly on such topics. Chandmal happens to be an uncle of Tendulkar’s wife Anjali and one can surmise that the batting legend has done his elder in-law proud. Besides sipping Chardonnay at English country-sides and sampling London’s vibrant restaurant scene with his friend, restaurateur Sanjay Narang, Tendulkar also took in a round of the gentleman’s game of golf with former CEO of Deutsche Bank Anshu Jain, footballer Andriy Shevchenko and professional golfer Justin Rose, at the exclusive Queenwood Golf Club in Surrey. “Friends, Sport and fun. All go hand in hand,” shared Tendulkar on social media along with a photograph.\


Now that everyone in Bollywood and her pet pooch are in the throes of the selfie culture, where one’s appearance is on display 24x7, followers and fans are offered a word of caution. Not everything you see in your favourite star’s photographs is real. Your icon might be looking like a million bucks with the perfect smile, abs, butt and branded accessories, but all that might be fake including the last. Apparently, so obsessed are the stars with luxury branded goods to complement their perfect physiques that they often get taken for a ride. This nugget was shared by a Bollywood insider about a certain young star, who wanted to gift his leading lady an expensive, limited-edition line of designer luggage wear. “He mentioned this desire to a leading facilitator (in the old days, they were aka chamchas), who promptly arranged to have the goods sent in their original packing.” Of course, the actor was thrilled and paid for the items before presenting them to his lady love. What he was not aware of was that the facilitator had procured them from a far-east country, celebrated for its quality fakes. Not only was the actor royally conned, he was also heard raving about the facilitator’s enterprise, to a well-known producer with a penchant for luxe goods. Oh dear!


“Yes, she’s certainly arrived on the international scene and is following in the footsteps of Angelina totally. Not only is she a UN-appointed ambassador for refugee communities around the world, but it seems now she’s adopted a little American boy.”

— A high-strung star wife, responding to reports of a certain leading lady’s latest liaison.


Keshav Suri (right) married his long-term boyfriend Cyril Feuillebois.

The flamboyant Keshav Suri, son and heir of the late Lalit Suri’s business and hotel empire, has become something of a leader of the LGBTQ community. The Delhi-based businessman, who has been a vocal champion of gay rights and is one of the high-profile petitioners for the removal of the odious Article 377, which discriminates against the minority community, had quite a celebration on International Pride Day, earlier this week. To celebrate the occasion, Suri went ahead and made a personal statement of his own by marrying his long-term boyfriend of 10 years, Cyril Feuillebois, in a small ceremony, accompanied by a court signing. “They had planned to take the plunge to mark the day with a genuinely happy celebration of their own,” informed a source. And given the joyful occasion, Suri took to social media soon after, to share the news along with some photos of the newly-wed couple after the ceremony. “Our answer to section 377 and all haters out there! My husband is unapologetically French!” he exulted, following it up with, “happy pride everyone. #loveislove”.

We wish the couple well.

First Published: Jun 27, 2018 15:00 IST