WWE Champion Drew McIntyre reveals his ‘desi’ side and it’s sure to make you fall in love!

Viewers will be thrilled to know that behind the long beard and charming Scottish look of the reigning WWE Champion, lies a deep found connection to our country.
Drew McIntyre.(WWE)
Drew McIntyre.(WWE)
Updated on Oct 30, 2020 07:56 AM IST
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When the big Scot enters the squared ring, you know that somebody’s gonna get hurt! But the fun and spunky side of WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre takes form when he sits down for a casual conversation. Speaking to India’s favourite VJ and host of WWE NOW India - Gaelyn Mendonca, viewers will be thrilled to know that behind the long beard and charming Scottish look of the reigning WWE Champion, lies a deep found connection to our country. That’s right – WWE’s most captivating and loved Champion has got a Desi side to him and he can’t wait to visit us soon. So, what’s got Drew all ‘Fidah’ about India?

Teaming up with John Abraham

Who does not love Bollywood? – WWE Superstars from the likes of John Cena to Kofi Kingston are in absolute awe of the industry and the fandom that our stars possess. Drew however has a personal crush on our favourite Desi boy – John Abraham. “Jinder has spoken to me about different Bollywood actors and heroes from the country, but I absolutely love John Abraham, love his look as well. I hope when I visit India, I could have him join me in a Tag Team Match.”

Nothing but love for Naan


Speaking to most WWE Superstars they will tell you about their love for Indian food, but our reigning WWE Champion has had his fair share of experiences with Indian Food. Apart from the popular Chicken Tikka Masala and Pakodas, Drew loves a good Korma. Joking on the segment, Drew discusses his experience trying the popular Goan dish ‘Vindaloo’, which was too hot to handle! He found it so spicy that it nearly killed him, he jokes. However, his all-time favourite is the bread of our country. “My favourite is actually Naan bread. I love sweet Naan. I wish it were more accessible in Florida, where I’m currently staying. I do not believe they have very good Indian food out here. So, fans if you know any good Indian food in Florida please tell me!”

The ‘Bhaichara’ with Jinder Mahal

There is no shying away from the fact that Drew and the ‘Modern Day Maharaja’ have a tight bond. While they may have had their feuds in the ring, Drew regards Jinder as a good friend who has taught him so much about our country. Drew discusses their friendship and the ups and downs they have shared. He also shares a funny memory he has with Jinder from back in the day. “We are so similar, close in age, and when we met, we instantly became friends. From Jinder I learnt about just how nice the people of India are and well aggressively nice, because they will not take no for an answer. I remember once being on the road with him, we went out one evening with his cousin and returned to Jinder’ s apartment where he had just one bedroom and one bed. I told him I would sleep on the couch, but Jinder and his cousin insisted that I take the bedroom and be comfortable. It reached a point where I think they would have beaten me up if I didn’t take the bedroom,” laughs Drew.

Hindi Punchlines done right

It’s no easy feat for foreigners to speak the Hindi language, but for our WWE Champion, nothing is impossible. Challenged on the show to say a few Hindi phrases, Drew was able to roll his R’s and correctly punch his consonants. Asked to say repeat some iconic phrases, Drew took on Jinder’s line “Raj karunga raj”, what he would essentially say to his rival Randy Orton – “Aa dekhe zara, kisme kitna hai dum”, and finally telling all his fans in India “Main hoon na!”.

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