Ayurvedic herbs that helps in detoxification

From Manjistha to Guduchi, here are a few ayurvedic herbs that help in detoxing the body.

Published on Dec 03, 2023 02:22 PM IST 5 Photos

Detoxifying the body time and again is very important. Mindful consumption of ayurvedic herbs helps in detoxifying the body. "Ayurveda considers the individual's constitution and overall lifestyle, so a personalised guidance from Ayurvedic doctors can be beneficial," wrote Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee as she shared a few ayurvedic herbs that can help in detoxification.(Unsplash)

Manjistha helps in cleansing the blood and alleviating skin problems. It also helps in reducing skin inflammation and treating skin allergies. (Unsplash)

Guduchi comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in cleansing the liver and is anti-inflammatory in nature. Consumption of Guduchi helps in balancing the pitta – the heat energy of the body. (Unsplash)


Chitrak helps in improving the overall metabolism of the body. It also helps in treating migraine, jaundice, skin diseases, urinary calculi and boosts digestion. (Unsplash)

Neem helps in reducing blood sugar levels. It also helps in cleansing blood and the liver. It helps in treating fungal infections, nourishing the skin and increasing the overall immunity of the body. (Unsplash)




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