Breaking the chains of C-PTSD: Therapist shares tips

From making healthy lifestyle choices to recognising the triggers and having coping skills, here are a few ways to break

Published on Jun 21, 2024 06:00 AM IST 6 Photos

Complex PTSD or C-PTSD is a condition where a person experiences all the symptoms of PTSD, along with additional symptoms such as bouts of anger, mistrust towards the world and flashbacks of trauma. "Overcoming C-PTSD is a complex and challenging journey, fraught with emotional hurdles and setbacks. The path to healing often involves confronting deep-seated fears, unraveling years of ingrained patterns, and rebuilding a sense of safety and trust," wrote therapist Linda Meredith as she shared a few tips by which we can break the chains of C-PTSD.(Unsplash)

The primary step is to accept the impact of C-PTSD in our lives. When we become more aware of the triggers, we find ways to combat them.  (Unsplash)

We can work on reducing the stigma surrounding mental health disorders by sharing our stories and starting healthy conversations.  (Shutterstock)


Regular exercise, a healthy diet and reducing tobacco and alcohol consumption are some of the healthy lifestyle choices we can make to reduce the impact of C-PTSD.  (Unsplash)

In order to safely navigate the triggers, we should have a safety plan consisting of various coping skills in mind.  (Unsplash)