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Mentor speak: Rs 1.5 lakh startup investment will boost 15 per cent efficiency

Sujata Tilak explains how a startup in the manufacturing sector can benefit from the internet of things

pune Updated: Oct 13, 2018 16:36 IST
Hindustan Times, Pune
Sujata Tilak, MD, Ascent Intellimation(Pratham Gokhale/HT Photo)

Sujata Tilak, MD of Ascent Intellimation , reaches out to startups regarding new technologies that impact them. Here she explains how a startup in the manufacturing sector can benefit from the internet of things (IoT).

How can a startup benefit from IoT?

There are many areas that Industry 4.0 addresses. These are predominantly around manufacturing, production, processes and so on. On the shop floor, IoT can show manufacturers how to increase their OEE (overall equipment efficiency). OEE is tracked by quality, availability and performance of the machine and the quality of the end product. The second area deals with machine maintenance and methods one can undertake to reduce depreciation. The third area is visibility across your shop floor so you can take real-time decisions.

So if your shop floor has different sections and each section has 10 machines that has one worker and one supervisor for these 10 machines that have to produce, say 5,000 end products, how will the supervisor know how each machine is performing? Typically at the end of a shift this data is compiled. The supervisor will not know in real time if a particular machine is operating at optimum levels, but with an IoT system he will get an SMS or alert immediately and be able to find out the cause why a particular machine is not up to the standard norm. Is it on account of training, raw material, or something else?

How much will this cost a startup?

If you select machines whilst buying your assets then it is easy. Else you have to invest in hardware and other things, but a ball park figure would be anywhere between ₹ 15,000 to ₹ 1.5 lakh, as capital expenditure; and ₹ 2,000 per machine per month expenditure. This can help you get about 15% extra efficiency

How beneficial is an IoT system compared to traditional manufacturing systems?

I can’t give specific answers, but in general, IoT can give a 10% to 15% improved productivity. This of course cannot happen overnight. So say in the first you aim for 5% improvement then after making the required corrections you move onto further improvements and so on.

What is it that startups can do to leverage this as they set up their manufacturing units?

Well if it’s a new business then things are relatively easy since they have to invest in machinery that is IoT compliant. Another thing is that they should put it in their process so that the workers do not have the additional burden of feeding the data of the machines separately.

First Published: Oct 13, 2018 16:35 IST