Parents take to streets to protest against 50% fee hike by Dnyanganga English Medium School, Pune

DEMS has arbitrarily hiked fees without any authentication from government body, parents or other educational institutes in the city or at the state level

pune Updated: Nov 22, 2017 15:36 IST
Ananya Barua
Ananya Barua
Hindustan Times, Pune
Parents take to streets to protest against 50% fee hike by Dnyanganga English Medium School,Pune
Over 450 parents assemble in protest of the ‘outrageous’ fee hike of almost 50 percent, which is from ₹19,900 to ₹30,000, by the Zeal Education Society’s Dnyanganga English Medium School (DEMS) on Sinhagad road, on Tuesday.(HT PHOTO)

Zeal Education Society’s Dnyanganga English Medium School (DEMS) has once again come under fire, as parents on Tuesday took to the streets in protest of the fee hike.

Over 450 parents assembled in front of the school premises at Sinhagad Road to protest the ‘outrageous’ fee hike by almost 50 per cent, that is from ₹19,900 to ₹30,000.

“The school has arbitrarily hiked the fees without any authentication from any government body, parents or any other educational institutional body.

“Plus they have made this change in the middle of the year when the students’ term exams have also been conducted,” said Amit Dharne, one of the protesting parents and also the vice-president of executive committee of the parent teacher association (PTA).

Despite several attempts to reach out to the authorities, they denied responding to any kind of comments from parents.

According to another parent, the school in several instances denied to communicate or have a dialogue with the parents on the issue. Instead, the school authorities have been intimating the message to pay the fees through the students.

Pravin Vaidya, another parent, rued, “Firstly, this entire business of hiking fees without consultation with parents or any authority is outrageous, but the kind of behaviour shown to our children is just unacceptable.

“They are not ready to speak to us directly, but every other week they send a notice in the children’s diaries to pay the fees. We have been here since the morning trying to talk to the school authorities on the issue, but all in vain. “So much so, that the school has not declared the results of our children, even after the vacations. They are holding it to make us helpless and eventually give up the hiked amount.”

Back in June, the ivisional fee regulatory committee (DFRC), Pune, ruled in favour of parents protesting against the fee-hike in not just at DEMS, but at almost 19 other schools including Vibgyor School, Indira National School and many more. The DFRC court, presided over by judge Jagdish Shanbhag, at that time, ordered the schools to revert back to the amount approved by the PTAs for the academic year 2017-18.

However, the school has decided to challenge the order in the Bombay high court. “If the high court puts forth an investigation into the matter and passes the order for the said amount, we will accept it, but the school first needs to get that kind of authentication. We have been fighting against this fee hike for a very long time.” added Dharne.

First Published: Nov 22, 2017 15:35 IST