Ludhiana traffic police use ropes to mark zebra lines, commuters confused

Three-day awareness drive leaves much to be desired; initiative aimed at making city pedestrian-friendly; MC blamed for faded zebra crossings

punjab Updated: May 04, 2017 11:26 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times
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Zebra lines are fading out at most traffic intersections in the city. Commuters have blamed the municipal corporation for their state.(JS Grewal/HT Photo)

Traffic police have resorted to using ropes to demarcate zebra crossings in the city. This is part of a three-day drive to spread awareness among commuters to not occupy zebra lines at key traffic intersections as Ludhiana does not happen to be a pedestrian-friendly city. However, this move leaves much to be desired as these lines have faded at most junctions.

Traffic police are sensitising commuters who cross the rope by asking them to take a U-turn and stand at the light point again, this time behind the zebra crossing. They have initiated the drive to ensure that commuters do not station their vehicles on the zebra lines, blocking the way for pedestrians.

A large number of cops have been deployed in teams of five to six at major light points including Bharat Nagar, Durga Mata Mandir, PAU, Circuit House, Bhai Wala and Hero Bakery, among others.

The drive is aimed at making roads safer to cross for pedestrians. However, a commuter said, “The municipal corporation should draw zebra lines in a proper manner and old zebra crossings should be cleared to avoid confusion. A stop line must also be visible to commuters. I cannot understand why traffic cops have laid ropes. They look like an obstruction. I had no idea why the rope was there, so I crossed it. The cops then asked me to take a U-turn. When I asked them that the stop line before the zebra crossing should be clearly visible, they threatened to issue a challan against me. The cop also took the keys of my bike but returned them when I resisted.”

The zebra crossings drawn by the municipal corporation are confusing commuters. Instead of clearing the old zebra lines, the MC drew new lines a year ago at Bharat Nagar traffic intersection.

There are two zebra crossings on the Mall Road side at Bharat Nagar light point as well as from the bus stand side. Commuters are unaware which zebra crossing is correct. Moreover, both the new and old zebra crossings have faded.

The commuters end up crossing the ropes laid by traffic police as they are unaware about the drive.

“A majority of commuters do not care for pedestrians who use the zebra crossing. They face problems while crossing the road and have to meander through a traffic jam which is in no way safe for them. So, we decided to come up with this drive to ensure that everyone begins to follow zebra crossing rules. We will keep the ropes till we feel that people are following rules,” said deputy commissioner of police Dhruman Nimbale.

He added that it should not be ignored that when commuters cross the zebra crossing, they fail to understand they are putting their lives at risk as the traffic flow from the other side could harm them.

First Published: May 04, 2017 11:24 IST