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Banish junk to attract money

You can also go creative with lamps, paintings, candles in green and red colours and place flowers in tall vases to accumulate wealth

realestate Updated: Mar 15, 2013 15:25 IST

According to feng shui, money is considered high in yang (dynamic) energy. Having the vital chi (or positive feng shui energy) in your home or office will help you garner the support you need to accumulate wealth. Prepare yourself and your home this season for enhancing and creating wealth by keeping in mind the following tips:

1 Wealth accumulation is incompatible with clutter. Keep your home space clean and decluttered, especially your work station because that’s the place where you make your money. Piles of junk and useless items act as obstacles that lead to a flow of negative energy.

2 Determine the south east area of your home using the bagua and a good compass. This area represents the wealth sector and governs the cash flow of your home. Place a money plant and jade plant in red pots in this space.

3 If this area happens to be the garden, then plant a fruit tree here. Plum, peach, orange or lemon trees make for excellent choices as they are money-drawing plants.

4 Ensure that your wallet is well organised and not crammed with old bills, receipts and redundant promotional vouchers.

5 Use flowers like red and orange lilies and gladiolus (again rich in yang energy) in tall vases to increase the yang energy of your living room.

6 Fountains attract abundance of fresh chi. Place a free-flowing fountain to attract money in your south-east sector. You could also try the north sector as this is your career sector which can be enhanced with clear cascading water. Alternatively, if this is not feasible, then hang images of waterfalls, rivers and other ‘abundant’ water bodies that depict water in motion.

7 Pay attention to the plumbing in your bathrooms. Repair the leaky faucets, else your money will also be leaking away.

8 Keep the toilet seat down or closed at all times to prevent a ‘flushing away’ of your wealth.

9 Get rid of broken objects, useless items, clocks which have stopped working, decomposing and withering plants, trash cans etc as they drain the vital chi of your energy space.

10 Golds, greens and reds support prosperity attracting chi in your home/office space. Use these colours liberally in the south east sector. Go creative with lamps, paintings, candles and other décor items in these colours and place them strategically.

The author is a feng shui consultant, director of Spirit n Soulkraft, tarot card reader, numerologist, palmist and a holistic healer