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Age-old yard sticks

How influential are age, height and other physical attributes in matters of the heart? Minakshi Saini tries to explore.
Hindustan Times | By Minakshi Saini, New Delhi
UPDATED ON AUG 22, 2013 12:55 PM IST

They say love is blind, our verdict : not really. We all nurture notions about a perfect man or a woman, and generally these ideas revolve around the physical aspects like height and body of the person in question.

For some, the physical attributes are the parameters to decide the kind of partner they would like to have.

Taller than thou
"So to what extent do these things matter in a relationship? Says Rohan Singh, a software engineer, "As I'm not tall, I always dreamt of a girl taller than me".

"People often comment on how I manage to walk around with my girlfriend who is much taller but I say I love to have unusual and unique things around me and I am proud of the fact that I have a girlfriend who is taller than me."

On asking the same question, his girlfriend replies, "Height has never been an issue. He sees my height as a quality but I think I am too tall and I am not happy with my height." So much so for height!

Worth the weight?
Generally, if a person lacks somewhere he/she desires a partner who is exactly the opposite. Sanna Sharma who considers herself to be ‘chubby' has a similar story to tell.

"I am healthier than my man. However, in spite of the differences, I think we both complement each other. I have the looks and he has the body, that makes us complete. But I would certainly lose weight if I were to woo a new guy ."

Agrees Shalini Vohra, "My boy friend is much healthier than I am so I really want him to lose weight as I want both of us should look good."

Elder, the better
However, when it comes to age, younger women feel at ease with the idea of dating older men and vice-versa. Reveals Sonam Madan, a media professional, "I am going around with a guy who is 8 years younger to me. I do not have any regrets even though I know the bond will never culminate in an official ceremony. But I do not have any hassles and am living my love life to the best of extent."

Your call
Psychiatrist Samir Parikh feels that it is upto the partners to decide if they should let such matters affect them. "If you genuinely love someone, these petty things won't matter," he says.

Adds another psychiatrist Megha Gore: "Appearances matter and of course people pay attention and react the way they wish to. But the fact of the matter is whether it is affecting you? If yes then your relation is lacking somewhere, cause you know your soul mate better than the society . And their judgment is the last that should be considered."

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