Daughter’s Day 2019: It’s time you surprise your daughter with these thoughtful gifts

Daughter’s Day 2019: Gifting a basic card, a bouquet of flowers or a simple box of chocolates may just be passé. Here’s why it’s time you should surprise your daughter with these thoughtful gifts.
Daughter’s Day 2019: It’s time you surprise your daughter with these thoughtful gifts.(Unsplash)
Daughter’s Day 2019: It’s time you surprise your daughter with these thoughtful gifts.(Unsplash)
Updated on Sep 22, 2019 10:11 AM IST
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Hindustan Times, Delhi | BySaumya Sharma

Every day is a great day to love and appreciate the ones you feel the closest to in your family. It is after all in adverse times when one is face to face with the ultimate truth - the importance of family and close friends to help you out of any sticky situation and if there’s no solution, then surely stand by you through it all. The relationship between parents and daughters are somewhat similar. It is also a beautiful transitional relationship where both parties tend to switch roles as time goes by.

It has not been so simple though. There has always been a certain stigma attached to having a girl child in India, unlike other countries in the world. Even though this stigma may no longer be the case in metros, the issue of discrimination and crimes towards girl children is still rampant in the country.

Initially, Daughters’ Day was celebrated to raise awareness at the same time erase this stigma that a daughter is a burden to the families. Developing nations are still struggling with abolishing any untoward practices including dowry, a cultural practice linked with Indian weddings. In developed countries, however, this day is one of pure celebration of the joy of having a daughter.

When it comes to getting the perfect gift for your daughter, it would not be wrong to admit that the options are as abundant as the choices one has. With ever-evolving and woke minds, gifting a basic card, a bouquet of flowers or a simple box of chocolates may just be passé.

When you raise a daughter in the world that we live in, it’s important to be open about all that she has to gear up for and then some. Sure, as a parent you’re always going to be around, but life is experienced when you lay your trust in your child and let her make the choices she can be proud of, mull over and learn from.

Here’s our list of thoughtful gifts for your daughter that she will always thank you for:

Books on mental health, sexual health and more

It is popularly said that your child won’t do what you ask them to but they’ll do what they watch you do. Pick up a book, read wherever and whenever you can, and set an example. Social media may be considered a bane in terms of the time you might be wasting on it but how about turning the thought around for yourself and your child? Follow influencers, pages and brands that are speaking about all that you believe in, participate in conversations, book clubs and spread the word to your little one too.

Sign her up for a martial arts/self-defence class

We’re all about positivity and optimism, but that doesn’t translate into not looking out for a worst-case scenario. Besides, no knowledge can ever be wasted especially when it’s a step towards responsible parenting. Get her a pepper spray which she can carry along with her knowing she’s safe that someone’s looking out for her.

A good bra

Women have struggled with getting the right fit for the right cup for nearly eons now. Certain discussions also hint to the fact that wearing a bra is somewhat a bondage which everyone wants to free themselves of as soon as they can. But a good bra can change the game completely. From confidence to the look to providing the necessary support, a good bra is a great investment.

Room décor

Girls are particular about how they want their space to be, whether it is her room, her almirah or even a bed and table in a hostel dorm. Help her stay organised by getting her home decor items she can beautify her space and is proud of having done it herself at the same time.

Organic sanitary napkins, tampons

It’s a horrible habit to flush sanitary napkins after use, it’s unhygienic and clogs the pipes which might result in long term hassles with plumbing. At the same time, girls must learn early on how to stay clean and healthy especially during their periods. Facilitate organic products for her available freely in the market or online so she has a happy period. Hygiene of all kinds is an important topic and you must have the talk with her at the earliest.

Your time

There’s no match for this one. Take some time out of your busy probably erratic schedule and talk to your daughter about how she’s coping with school/college, friends and all other issues a girl might face that you can help her with, and if nothing just hear her out, share your thoughts.

Plan weekends or short holidays when it’s just you and your child where you can engage in a sport, indoor games, baking or cooking, hobby classes, reading and much more.

Got more gifting ideas this Daughter’s Day? Tweet to us and let us know your list.

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