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F*** buddies — the new trend

FB’ is keeping our city’s socially-forward denizens busy. Now before you start assuming ‘FB’ is Facebook, let me correct you that it isn’t, Jaydeep Ghosh explains the 'FB' concept.

sex and relationships Updated: Aug 19, 2009 12:12 IST
Jaydeep Ghosh

Hey rockstar, what’s up? What’s the plan for the night?” “Dude I am busy with my FB. Will call back in 20 (minutes) and plan it out.”

Well, that was the conversation I had with a friend. ‘FB’ is keeping our city’s socially-forward denizens busy. Now before you start assuming ‘FB’ is Facebook, let me correct you that it isn’t. ‘FB’ is that ‘dirty’ four-letter word that your mama asked you never to utter and starts with ‘F’ and is prefixed before Buddy. I am sure you got it! It’s the raging trend of no-strings-attached casual sex. Though the notion’s not new, the currency that it’s gained in Delhi is. As universal as lust itself, it’s accessible to all, from Facebookers to baby boomers. It is free love without even the pretense of all those soppy emotions.

The poshest ladies of the cocktail circuit to the workaholic builders and bankers, the seemingly naïve college girls and chickster business management students to the staid homemakers and money-minting heart surgeons, having an FB is sort of the latest social trend.

It did not take me much to discover the trend. All it took me was a few afternoons with lunching ladies to find out that Mrs Taneja’s FB is her fitness trainer while Mrs Puri prefers a struggling painter. A Boys Night Out was enough to fill me in on all the goss as to which industrialist has the hottest FB and which restaurateur is with the wannabe socialite as his. Seriously, the more FBs I discovered, the more I realised that if I were to make a ‘Sex and the City’ stuff on Delhi, it would be a helluva scandalising one.

Recently I asked a friend who has a hot FB about how he hooked-up with her. He said, “It sounds creepy, but we do Facebook stalking. And people use the poke thing for people they fancy. The poke thing is the electronic equivalent of a tap on the shoulder in a lounge. Relationship status are subtle revelations, like ‘it’s complicated’.”

He added, “When asked what you’re looking for, you can keep it equally fluid by answering ‘random play’ or ‘whatever I can get’.” I realised how the digital age has created a technosexual generation hooked on to no-strings casual sex.

“Casual is cosy, it’s safe and it’s not going to complicate your life,” said a liberated divorcee. She’s hooking up with a colleague and explained, “I went to meet him with the idea of swapping ideas, not body fluids. We’re colleagues and thought we could stimulate some creative juices — and stimulating juices is exactly what happened!”

There’s no way she would take it any further, but for the time being this stopgap sex suits them both. Many women’s magazines present the idea that casual sex is an empowering trend. It’s been made into a lifestyle issue and we all know how Delhiwallahs must adopt it!