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Let’s talk about love, baby: Celebs share their fondest Valentine’s Day memories

Here are some celebs talking about their fondest Valentine’s Day memories, and doling out advice for all those in love.

sex and relationships Updated: Feb 17, 2017 19:54 IST
Etti Bali
Etti Bali
Hindustan Times
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Celebs reminiscence their Valentine’s Day memories.

‘Tis the season to be mushy! Love is in the air and so are romantic notions about the day. Here, celebs from different walks of life share anecdotes about their tryst with the day of love. From having secret admirers to freezing in the cold to being hopeless romantics, these celebs have gone through it all and then some more. Read on as these celebs reminisce about their fondest Valentine’s Day memories and tell you that there is more to celebrating love.

Going all out for first-ever V-Day

Designer Rina Dhaka, says, “Me and my husband are not so mushy. But I remember my first Valentine’s Day. I must have been 20-year-old when I celebrated with my boyfriend (now husband), Ajay Sharma. Taj Machan was a big thing and we were so excited about the day. It was very important for me to be wearing the ‘it’ thing…90’s fashion like really short dresses, red and black colours, and pump heels. I have done all that and froze in the weather.”

“I have done all that and frozen in the weather,” says designer Rina Dhaka. (Manoj Verma/HT Photo)

Adding an element of surprise to the celebrations

Fashion entrepreneur Kalyani Chawla, says, “I am a great advocate for love and always make a huge effort for every occasion. I remember, for our first Valentine’s post marriage, I had filled up our room with heart-shaped balloons which covered the entire ceiling. I decorated the room with candles and laid out the gifts on the bed. More than anything else, it’s the element of surprise that makes it all worth it. It’s very important to show and share love.”

“I am a great advocate for love,” says fashion entrepreneur Kalyani Chawla. (Manoj Verma/HT Photo)

Red roses for old school romantics

Artist Alka Raghuvanshi, says, “Way back in the 70s, Valentine’s Day was almost unheard of – hugely disappointing for someone who had grown up on an impossibly high dose of romantic fiction. With creative nudging, my boyfriend did bring me a bunch of red roses that I had to smuggle into the house pressed into books!

“He took me for a ride on the giant wheel where I dug holes into his hand in sheer terror as my heart lurched! After which there was money to only buy an ice cream each and none for bus fare, so we walked back from Connaught Place to Ashoka Road via India Gate holding hands – it was the ultimate romance!”

“I had to smuggle(the roses my boyfriend gave me) into the house pressed into books,” says artist Alka Raghuvanshi.

Love advice from a single guy

Comedian Papa CJ, says, “I’m a hopeless romantic, I’m all heart and given the regular lack of reciprocation, clearly pretty hopeless at it. However, I’ve never bought into Valentine’s Day. You should be able to make your partner feel that they are listened to and cared about every single day. It’s not about a special day but what you do in each day that makes them feel cared about and special. So, take that advice from a single guy who is going to spend Valentine’s Day holding a microphone and entertaining other people who are holding each other!”

“I’m a hopeless romantic,” says comedian Papa CJ.

Sweet peas for the school principal

Author Anuja Chauhan, says, “When my husband and I started dating, Valentine’s Day wasn’t a big deal. I remember, my first Valentine’s was when I was in boarding school. I had a very nice principal for whom I plucked some sweet peas and gave her a bouquet. I think I was in the 7th standard and some of the seniors girls had said that you give gifts to someone you love. The moment she saw me, she said “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“I plucked some sweet peas and gave her (my principal) a bouquet,” says author Anuja Chauhan. (Supraket Meshram)

Courage in the time of love

Designer Samant Chauhan, says, “This was the time when I was about 23-year-old. I could never tell the girl that I loved her, but I somehow managed to buy a card for her, but didn’t have the guts to give it to her. A friend of mine helped me give her the card and that also one day after Valentine’s Day. We never dated, but remained very good friends. We are still in touch, but there was that unspoken bond of love.”

“I could never tell the girl that I loved her,” says designer Samant Chauhan. (Ronjoy Gogoi)

Of secret admirers

Designer Nikhil Thampi, says, “I have never really celebrated but I had a secret admirer in college. So for five years, I got gifts on Valentine’s Day. The gifts used to be really cool and quirky. That is my fondest memory of the day. I still don’t know who the secret admirer was. For me, the day is more about friendship than love. All my friends get together and we celebrate the love for each other.”

No special treatments given by girls

Comedian Bhuvan Bam, says, “I am very far away from these things. Even in my videos you can see that the characters rant about Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, no girl has ever done anything for me. I am more practical than romantic. But I don’t think that there should be just one day to celebrate love. I find it very materialistic…jab feel aaye, tab karna chahiye, yeh nahi ki sab kar rahe hain toh apan bhi kare (you should do it when you feel like it, and not because everyone else is doing it).”

“Unfortunately, no girl has ever done anything for me,” says comedian Bhuvan Bam. (Twitter/Bhuvan_Bam)

First Published: Feb 13, 2017 20:01 IST