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Size does matter

According to a new research, the bigger you are, the more trouble you could have in your sex life, reports Neha Sharma.

sex and relationships Updated: Jun 25, 2008 18:47 IST
Neha Sharma

The bigger you are, the more trouble you could have in your sex life. According to new research in Washington, your weight could be a problem if you ain't getting no satisfaction.

A paper presented at the 103rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association stated that weight loss may help resolve sex problems in men. The research found that men who had suffered from erectile dysfunction and had undergone surgery for weight loss found their sexual function normalised.

It's a conclusion that Indian males have been reaching, too. The upsurge in gym memberships and appointments with dieticians is just one indication. Though the statistics are not overwhelming, experts feel that people are slowly becoming aware.

Celebrity trainer Satyajit Chourasia says that he is regularly devising workout plans for men, especially teenagers, who want to perform better in bed. "Four out of 100 people who visit my gym come to lose weight so they can perform better in bed. This is true especially for teenagers," he says.

Software engineer Neeraj Gupta, 34, used to weigh 100 kg and had lost all sexual desire. Gupta says, "There was no satisfaction in the physical relationship with my wife.

Doctors blamed my weight for the lack of interest in sex. My libido was plummeting because of high body fat and resultant high blood pressure." He subsequently lost 30 kg as a corrective measure. "I un derwent the weight reduc tion therapy at Eleganza re juvenation clinic, per formed by Dr Seema Mallik. My sex life im proved

dramatically after that." Vandana Luthra, founder, VLCC - a slim ming, beauty and health centre - says that "there is a significant correlation be tween obesity, especially abdominal obesity and disturbed sex hormone equilibrium." But it's not just a simple physical correlation between weight and li bido. It's psychological, too.

Dr Honey Khanna says, "Obese people suffer from depression and social ostracisation. Their physical condition, coupled with psychological factors, results in disinterest in sex."

Sexologist Dr M Khanchandani says, "After reading this study, men will definitely want to lose weight and they must. Obesity is a real threat to sexual pleasure."