Stop thinking about that hot guy you once met, it’s harmful

Girls, even fantasising is harmful. Stop dreaming about that guy.

sex and relationships Updated: Oct 04, 2015 17:49 IST
Hindustan Times
Girls, even fantasising is harmful. Stop dreaming about that guy.(Shutterstock)

Constantly thinking about a potential sexual partner that you once met at your workplace or in the neighbourhood is more detrimental to committed relationships than current friends on Facebook, an interesting research has revealed.

In the Facebook versus memory experiment, participants were shown their friends list to trigger recognition of potential sexual partners.

But the researchers found that Facebook friends weren’t seen as romantic alternatives that threatened current committed relationships.

“The alternative, romantically desirable partners that people keep in memories are more of a threat to existing relationships than are alternative partners they might consider from scrolling through their list of Facebook friends,” explained Michelle Drouin and Daniel Miller from Indiana University-Purdue University and Jayson Dibble from Hope College in Michigan.

Merely thinking about a person who one views as a potential romantic partner could lower an individual’s relationship satisfaction and commitment to one’s current partner, they noted.

Participants in this study were unmarried, younger adults. “Although the results may not generalise to older, married adults, comparing the power of technology versus the impact of our internal memories on interpersonal relationships is an important area of research,” added Brenda K Wiederhold from Interactive Media Institute in San Diego, California.

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First Published: Oct 04, 2015 16:49 IST