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True lies

No matter how honest we may be, we still have to wait for the right time and place to blurt out the truth, feels Sneha Mahale.

sex and relationships Updated: Oct 06, 2008 17:46 IST
Sneha Mahale

No matter how honest we may be, we still have to wait for the right time and place to blurt out the truth or rather our version of it.

Till then we have to make do with lying — an art that needs much practice in order to achieve perfection. A terrible student in school, I ranked between 20 and 30 in a class of 40. I was always in trouble at home. Result — I ended up fibbing about my marks every time.

Lessons I learnt
I barely scraped through in my exams, but at home, I pretended to be the class genius. Somehow it always escaped my understanding that there would be an open house day and my parents would meet the teacher.

It took many years for me to learn that one should never lie when there is even the remotest chance of being caught.
A few years down the line, it was time for lesson number two — keep quiet if you don’t want to lie.

While at Essel World on a high school picnic, one of my shoelaces got caught in the ride called the Octopus.

The operator’s cabin was at the other end of the ground. He, without any knowledge about my ‘accident’, started the ride again and I was dragged along the ground.

Cutting classes
Of course, there was no way I could talk about this at home. That would mean a long sermon and all future trips being cancelled. So that incident was kept a secret and the bruises were attributed to a regular fall, till a few years ago.
Then came my college years. This usually meant cutting classes to watch movies, visit malls and hang out at cafes.
So the third phase came about— telling one version of the truth at home and its other version incollege.

New escapades
After all, I couldn’t risk my professors calling up home to complain about my lack of attendance, only to find that my parents were unaware of my escapades.

Friends add fuel to the fire too. Somehow they have the knack of getting into trouble.. and pull you into quicksand as well.

When a friend wanted to rendezvous with a boy she had met online, for the first time, I played along. That was till I realised that the meeting would take place in Matheran, and it involved me being her alibi in Mumbai.

Usual suspects
The entire day was a maze of lies, since her parents constantly called to ask her whereabouts. Meanwhile, I fretted about her safety with a complete stranger.

She returned at 11 p m and I could go off to sleep only after getting her sms. I don’t think they are aware of our indiscretions to date.

Along the way, one has to deal with the usual suspects — boyfriends, drunken brawls, petty fights, gossip and late night outs.

Later, I realised that no matter what I did, lying can never be over-ruled completely.

So I continue to practise the art in search of perfection. Just so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone in the bargain.