Want 'husband storage' next time you go shopping?

Tired of your husband complaining as he follows in your wake as you visit the sales? China has got the perfect solution. Shopping centres in that country have introduced 'husband cloakrooms' where your husband will stay entertained as you shop.

sex and relationships Updated: Jan 08, 2014 16:13 IST
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This would come as a great news for every hassled husband who has followed in the wake of his wife as she went on a shopping spree. Malls in China have started special offers to keep bored men entertained while their spouses go shopping.

The shopping centres are providing an offer called 'husband storage' where men can wait pass time while their 'better halves' hit the sales.

Some of the services provided are 'husband cloakrooms' or 'husband rest rooms' which have simple tables and chairs with means of entertainment and are used for a quick nap by husbands, while other centres provide TVs, small libraries or a selection of magazines, a smoking area or computers for online browsing or gaming.

Now husband-who-hates-shopping has only one thing do -- head to the mall your wifey loves and grovel for a storage compartment for himself!

First Published: Jan 08, 2014 15:10 IST