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Top 10 barcode scanners of 2023: Shopper's guide

ByBoudhaditya Sanyal
Sep 01, 2023 08:36 PM IST

There are multiple types of barcode scanners. Some are handheld while others are wireless. Check out the selection of top 10 options in 2023.

Barcode scanners have become indispensable tools across various industries, offering seamless solutions for tracking assets, managing inventory, and enhancing productivity. As we step into 2023, the market is flooded with options, making it crucial to identify the top performers.

Barcode scanners are important for businesses to have faster operations.(Pixabay)
Barcode scanners are important for businesses to have faster operations.(Pixabay)

Whether you're a business owner looking to streamline your supply chain or an individual seeking a reliable tool for personal use, choosing the right barcode scanner can significantly impact your operations. Here we unveil the top 10 barcode scanners for 2023, meticulously selected based on their performance, features, and value for money.

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From compact handheld devices to modern wireless scanners, these devices cater to a wide range of needs. Let's explore the capabilities and advantages that each of these scanners brings to the table. These scanners make billing and generating the right order of products easier while taking you closer to technology to do business.

1. HENEX HC-3208 Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner

The HENEX HC-3208 Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner is a reliable and efficient tool for businesses, especially those in retail and warehousing. Its standout feature is the effortless plug-and-play functionality; simply insert the USB cable, and you're ready to scan. This scanner boasts high compatibility, working seamlessly with Windows, Linux, and various software applications. One of its strengths is its impressive decoding capability, handling both 1D and 2D codes, including DataMatrix, QR Codes, and more. Its ability to read barcodes on various surfaces, even dirty or incomplete ones, adds to its versatility.

Plug-and-play functionalityBulky design
Impressive decoding capability for 1D and 2D codes 

2. HENEX HC-3208R Wireless Barcode Scanner

The HENEX HC-3208R Wireless Barcode Scanner offers versatile connectivity, supporting both wireless and wired connections. Its impressive 12-hour battery life ensures prolonged scanning sessions, and it can store a vast amount of barcode information. This scanner easily decodes various 1D, 2D, and QR barcodes, even in challenging conditions. Its durability, with an ABS material and silicone sleeve, adds to its appeal. However, it lacks Bluetooth connectivity.

2-in-1 connection (wireless & wired)No Bluetooth support
Long 12-hour battery life 

3. RETSOL LS 450 Laser Barcode Scanner

Professional scanning is effortless with the RETSOL LS 450 Laser Barcode Scanner. Its high-speed scanning capability, decoding 100 barcodes per second, is complemented by precise decoding, making it versatile in various environments. This plug-and-play device requires no drivers or apps, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Its durability, including anti-shock features and an IP54 waterproof rating, adds to its appeal. However, it's limited to 1D barcodes.

Rapid and precise scanningLimited to 1D barcodes
IP54 waterproof rating 

4. TVS ELECTRONICS ‎BS-L100 Plus Barcode Scanner

TVS Electronics brings reliability to scanning with the BS-L100 Plus Barcode Scanner. Known for its brand reputation, TVS offers an affordable yet versatile scanning solution for various industries. This scanner ensures precision with minimal laser beam divergence, reading all standard 1D barcodes accurately. With an IP51 rating, it is built tough for rugged environments. Its high scanning speed of up to 300 scans/second boosts productivity, making it a valuable tool for businesses. However, it's limited to 1D barcodes.

TVS Electronics brand reliabilityLimited to 1D barcodes
Durable and water-resistant (IP51) 

5. Shreyans USB 1D Barcode Scanner Handheld

The SHREYANS USB 1D Barcode Scanner offers versatile scanning with plug-and-play simplicity. With fast CCD technology, it swiftly scans 1D barcodes on paper labels and mobile screens, making it suitable for various applications. It's compatible with multiple systems and common software. Quick scanning speed ensures efficiency, even with dirty or incomplete codes. However, it's primarily designed for 1D barcodes.

Plug-and-play convenienceLimited to 1D barcodes
Fast scanning technology 

6. PEGASUS PS1146 Barcode Scanner

The Pegasus Barcode Scanner is ideal for people who are starting a new business and have limited funds to invest. This is a high-performance 1D laser scanner designed for various industries, including retail, healthcare, and logistics. Its fast and accurate scanning capabilities enhance productivity, making it an excellent choice for point-of-sale and inventory management. It comes in two variants, with or without a stand, offering flexibility in scanning methods.

High-performance laser scannerPrimarily designed for 1D barcodes
Versatile applications across multiple industries 

7. Shreyans 1D 2D QR Hands-Free Desktop Barcode Scanner

The Shreyans 1D 2D QR Hands-Free Desktop Barcode Scanner is a versatile and efficient addition to businesses of all kinds. Its automatic sensing and omnidirectional scanning capabilities make it a standout choice for supermarkets, malls, warehouses, retail stores, medical shops, gift shops, and more. This scanner simplifies daily operations by effortlessly reading various types of barcodes, from standard 1D codes to modern 2D QR codes.

Omnidirectional scanningLimited to corded electric power source
Suitable for various businesses 

8. Zebra LI4278 Cordless Handheld 1D Barcode Scanner

The Zebra 1D Barcode Scanner is a powerhouse of efficiency and convenience. It effortlessly captures a wide range of 1D barcodes, whether they're printed on paper labels or displayed on mobile screens. Its extensive working range allows flexibility in various applications, and the batch mode operation ensures data is never lost, even outside of communication range. Quick Bluetooth pairing, a built-in rechargeable battery with a long lifecycle, and the inclusion of a cradle make this scanner a top choice for businesses.

Versatile ScanningSingle Connectivity Option
Wide Working Range 

9. iBall LS-392 Wired USB Optical Laser High Speed 1D Barcode Scanner Reader

The iBall wired USB Optical Laser Barcode Scanner is a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of applications, from eCommerce and retail to logistics and manufacturing. With its 32-bit CPU, it delivers sharp and accurate scanning, making it ideal for fast-paced environments. Its lightweight and ergonomic design ensure comfortable use, and it supports various standard 1D barcodes, making it a valuable addition for businesses.

Wide application rangeLimited to 1D barcodes
Supports 4 million barcodes 

10. LENVII D7800 Desktop Barcode Scanner

The LENVII D7800 Desktop Barcode Scanner is a versatile and efficient hands-free solution for businesses. It can capture a wide range of barcodes, including 1D and 2D/QR codes from labels, paper, and mobile phone or computer screens. With CCD scanning technology, it handles various barcode types, even damaged or reflective ones. It's a plug-and-play device compatible with multiple systems, making it a valuable tool for inventory management and point-of-sale systems.

Omnidirectional hands-free scanningLimited compatibility (laptop only)
Reads Various 1D and 2D/QR Codes 

Best 3 features for you

Product NameFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
HENEX HC-3208Plug & play compatibilityHigh compatibility with systemsQuick barcode scanning speed
HENEX HC-3208R2-in-1 Connection (wired & wireless)Long battery life (12 hours)High compatibility with various barcodes
RETSOL LS 450Fast scanning speed (100 decodes per second)Accurate and reliable scanningAnti-shock & IP54 waterproof rating
TVS BS-L100 PlusFast scanning (100 Scans/Second)Precise decoding (scan precision - 4mil)Plug and play USB 2.0 connectivity
Shreyans USB 1DPlug & play compatibilityHigh compatibility with systemsQuick barcode scanning speed
PEGASUS PS1146High performance 1D laser scannerRugged build for durabilityFast scanning for increased productivity
Shreyans 1D 2D QRHands-free automatic sensingHigh compatibility with systemsQuick barcode scanning speed
Zebra LI4278Cordless and wide working rangeBatch mode for continuous scanningBluetooth 2.1 for quick pairing
iBall LS-392High-Performance laser barcode readerAggressive reading for fast data entryLightweight and ergonomic design
LENVII D7800CCD scanning technologyPlug and play compatibilityWidely applicable with various barcode types

Best value for money

The PEGASUS PS1146 Barcode Scanner offers the best value for money with its high-performance laser scanning capability, rugged build for durability, and fast scanning speed. It provides an ideal solution for businesses in various industries, including retail, warehouse, logistics, and healthcare, at an affordable price point, making it a cost-effective choice without compromising on performance.

Best overall product

The Zebra LI4278 Cordless Handheld 1D Barcode Scanner stands out as the best overall product. With its cordless design, wide working range, batch mode for continuous scanning, and quick Bluetooth 2.1 pairing, it offers unmatched versatility and convenience. Its durability, long-lasting replaceable battery, and precise scanning capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from retail to healthcare. This scanner combines performance and reliability, making it the top choice.

How to find the right barcode scanner?

Finding the right barcode scanner depends on your specific needs. Consider factors like the type of barcodes you'll be scanning (1D or 2D), the environment (indoor or outdoor), and your budget. If mobility is essential, opt for cordless models like the Zebra LI4278. For hands-free operation, desktop scanners like the Shreyans 1D 2D QR scanner are ideal. Ensure compatibility with your existing systems, and check for features such as fast scanning speed, accuracy, and durability. Reading user reviews and consulting with experts can help you make an informed decision tailored to your requirements.

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