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International Tea Day 2023: Discover the best tea destinations in the world

International Tea Day on May 21, celebrates the cultural and economic significance of tea across the globe, highlighting just how much joy and comfort this beverage can bring. Tea is a worldwide phenomenon and just about every country, from Argentina to India has its own way of consuming it. From the rich past of Chinese green tea to the vibrant mint leaves of Morocco, discover the exciting destinations behind the drinks as compiled by Booking.com. With nearly half (44%) of Indian travellers keen to try the best places for food and drink on their next trip, International Tea Day is the perfect excuse to travel to locations naturally steeped in history and beauty.
Updated on May 21, 2023 12:23 PM IST

Is it okay to have tea or coffee every day?

It is a general question that how many cups of tea and coffee are safe to consume in a day. Taking into consideration the amount of caffeine in both tea and coffee, it can be tricky to understand if it is healthy for us. Addressing this, Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee wrote, “Both tea and coffee contain caffeine, but coffee generally has more caffeine than tea. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, tea may be a better option for you.” Anjali further noted down why we should consume tea and coffee mindfully.
Published on May 08, 2023 05:37 PM IST

5 reasons you shouldn't have tea on an empty stomach

Chai (tea) is more of an emotion than just a beverage in India. This popular drink was introduced by the British but has become Indian to the core over time. Just like Indian food, people in their drink 'masaledar' whether it is with or without milk. Here are five reasons you should avoid starting your day with a cup of tea. 
Published on Feb 16, 2023 11:45 AM IST

Oil-free snacks to pair up with your tea

Dieting to lose weight but craving those evening snacks with tea? No worries, you can still have those tasty snacks with your tea. Making intelligent snack choices is essential if you want to eat healthily and manage your weight. It is ideal to nibble on snacks that are grain-based, oil-free and healthy. In an interview with HT Lifestyle's Zarafshan Shiraz, Anchal Abrol, Co-Founder of Snaqary, suggested these oil-free snacks to pair up with your evening tea:
Published on Nov 28, 2022 12:20 PM IST

Amazing benefits of banana tea: Digestion to bone strength

Many of us do not know about banana tea. But this unique tea comes with a range of health benefits which can help us in shifting to a better lifestyle.
Published on Aug 05, 2022 09:52 AM IST
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