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Can you solve this ‘iconic Japanese puzzle’ that left a Reddit user stumped?

Jun 25, 2024 10:30 PM IST

This fun brain teaser challenges you to find a particular pattern to solve it. Do you have what it takes to crack the puzzle?

Riddles and puzzles are the perfect ways to challenge yourself and stimulate your brain. Reddit is a platform where you can find various brain teasers to keep you engaged and entertained for hours. One such post was shared on the subreddit r/puzzles by an individual. It challenges a person to find the missing number in a visual. Can you solve it in 10 seconds without getting stumped?

Can you solve this brain teaser in 10 seconds? (Reddit/@ForbiddenBid)
Can you solve this brain teaser in 10 seconds? (Reddit/@ForbiddenBid)

“The Japanese puzzle inventor Nob Yoshigahara considered this puzzle his masterpiece. The numbers below are arranged according to a certain rule. Once you've worked out the rule, fill in the missing number. The number seven in the final circle is not a typographical error,” reads a text insert on the visual. It is posted with a caption, “I couldn't figure this out.”

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Can you figure out what’s going on in this puzzle?

Since being shared months ago, the puzzle has been re-shared by many across various social media platforms. On Reddit, it accumulated close to 5,600 upvotes.

What did Reddit users share about this viral brain teaser?

“Discussion: The misleading pattern is to assume you take the difference of the two numbers. Instead, you should take the sum of the digits from the two numbers above. 2+1 + 3+6 = 12,” suggested a Reddit user.

“The whole point is that it seems universal until the last one. He sets up a pattern that's more obvious, and then suddenly subverts and you have to try to look past the first thing you saw. That's what makes it interesting, and not just some random ‘find what operation this is’, puzzle,” added another.

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A third commented, “Subtracting felt like too much work so I didn't even try. My lazy brain checked the simple addition first.”

A fourth wrote, “Work top down following the arrows. But add the digits of the two preceding numbers to get the next number being pointed to. 1+3 + 2+1 = 7”.

Do you love solving brain teasers? Did you enjoy this one shared on Reddit?

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