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‘Come with your own…’: Ryanair to passenger who complained about legroom on flight

May 09, 2024 12:52 PM IST

After the passenger’s post went viral with over 6.3 million views, Ryanair shared a witty reply to it that may leave you in splits.

An individual tagged Ryanair on X and shared a post on “legroom” provided by the airline on their flight. The individual also shared a picture showing his “discomfort” with the limited leg space during the flight.

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The passenger shared this picture while complaining about the legroom on a Ryanair flight. (X/@LordMakenzi)

“Ryanair, I’ll come with my own legroom next time,” wrote X user who goes by “The Last King” on the microblogging platform. The picture shows the passenger sitting on the seat with his legs crossed. One of his feet touched the front seat.

Take a look at the post right here:

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After the post went viral with over 6.3 million views, the airline shared a witty reply to it. It said, “Come with your own plane next time.”

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Check out how people reacted to the post here:

“They sell seats, not legroom. You’re welcome,” said an individual.

Another added, “Judging from this photo, I think it’s plenty.”

“Did you pay for extra legroom?” asked a third.

A fourth commented, “Who crosses their legs on a plane?”

This, however, is not the first time that Ryanair gave a witty reply to one of its passengers. A passenger took to X and wrote, “Finally happened to us, we booked a window seat with no window. Such an incredible experience. Thanks, Ryanair.” He also shared a picture of himself from inside the plane.

In response to the post, Ryanair shared a sassy reply. It read, “Staring at it won’t change it.”

The reply drew a flurry of reactions from social media users. An individual wrote, “At least draw a window on it!”

“There’s at least some window there. What do you expect? You pay 1/3 for a flight, you get 1/3 of a window,” said another.

A third said, “You can’t be angry at Ryanair with this comeback. Oh no.”

“You guys should really just draw a window there, ideally in crayon. Thank me later,” joined a fourth.

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