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Delhi man claims Ola driver slapped him twice in front of his son, shares video of ‘hero’ who intervened

Mar 03, 2024 03:23 PM IST

A Delhi man claimed that his Ola driver slapped him twice in front of his son when he refused to cancel the ride and pay him extra.

Blood donation activist Kiran Verma took to LinkedIn to detail a distressing encounter he had with an Ola driver in Delhi. He alleged that the Ola driver took the wrong route and stopped the car on their way back home from the airport. Verma also claimed that the driver later slapped him twice in front of his son.

Ola driver who allegedly slapped a man in Delhi over extra payment. (LinkedIn/@kiranverma)
Ola driver who allegedly slapped a man in Delhi over extra payment. (LinkedIn/@kiranverma)

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In his LinkedIn post, Verma shared the events that led to the incident. He wrote, “Last month when I was in Delhi on a medical break from my 21,000 km walk for blood donation awareness, I was going to pick someone up from the airport. The driver asked me to cancel the ride and pay him in cash. I denied and unwillingly he started the trip.”

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“He took the completely opposite direction from our house and when I said, he replied: ‘There is a traffic jam.’ We haven’t gone even a kilometre, where he stopped the car and asked me to pay extra or else pay whatever comes in that ride,” he added.

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Verma went on to say that the driver started shouting at him, and his behaviour scared his six-year-old son. As a result, the duo left the car and were standing outside the cab when the driver took his bag. Verma further shared, “Meanwhile when I refused to pay him and clicked his picture with my bag. He came out and slapped me.”

The driver, Verma claimed, slapped him again after he overheard his conversation with Ola customer care. However, another cab driver intervened and stopped the Ola driver.

Take a look at the entire post here:

In another LinkedIn post, Verma shared a video of the ‘hero’ who intervened and stopped the Ola driver to slap him further.

Watch the video here:

The LinkedIn post, in which Verma narrated the ordeal, was shared two days ago and has since collected over 12,400 reactions. Many took to the comments section and shared similar instances with Ola drivers.

Check out a few comments here:

“Kiran Verma, so sorry to hear that you have gone through this experience. Ola experiences have been an issue and I largely use it as an alternative where other options are not easily available. Companies appointing these drivers should do a thorough background check of drivers and anyone with a criminal/questionable record must not be allowed to drive,” posted an individual.

Another added, “I was once locked in the cab with my wife and two-year-old son for not paying extra cash even after the whole payment was completed online & the trip was completed. Ola Cabs helpline is just a complete scam and some of the drivers are just borderline hooligans.”

“I remember when I had an issue with an Ola driver a few years back, the only thing Ola call centre people were keen on was to stop me from registering a police complaint against the driver,” claimed a third.

A fourth added, “Once, while I was a student at DU. I had to take an Ola from the NDLS Railway Station to my PG. It was around midnight, my train was running six hours late. This Ola driver stopped the cab in the middle of an isolated area and asked me to cancel the ride and pay him in cash or I can just get out. It was such a harrowing experience. I told him I’ll not cancel the ride, but will pay in cash, or else he can drive till the nearest police station and I’ll get down there. When we choose to take an Ola, we place our trust in the company, not in the driver. If I had to trust a random taxi driver I would have gone with any taxi driver standing on the station. Ola or Uber both need to understand that when we choose them, it’s not because of the availability of taxis, but because we expect professional conduct.”

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