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Gordon Ramsay cooks butter chicken with tomato sauce. Do people find it ‘acceptable’?

ByTrisha Sengupta
Feb 28, 2024 11:00 AM IST

“Curry in hurry,” wrote Gordon Ramsay while sharing a video showing his version of butter chicken prepared with tomato sauce. The clip has sparked a chatter.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay doesn’t hold back when it is about him judging a dish, be it offline or online. His Instagram page is also filled with videos that show him sharing his reviews of dishes cooked by netizens. In a turn of events, the chef found himself on the other side of the table after he shared a video that showed him making the popular dish butter chicken. As one of the ingredients, he uses tomato sauce. Will his dish impress people or make them channel their inner Gordon Ramsay?

Gordon Ramsay called this style of butter chicken “curry in hurry” in his Instagram video. (Instagram/@gordongram)
Gordon Ramsay called this style of butter chicken “curry in hurry” in his Instagram video. (Instagram/@gordongram)

“Curry in hurry,” Gordon Ramsay wrote as a part of his post while sharing the video. In the clip, he gives step-by-step instructions on how to cook the dish. First, he marinates the chicken with spices and then goes on to make the gravy. While making the gravy, he adds tomato sauce, an ingredient that's not usually used in the dish as actual tomatoes are added for flavour. After this, he cooks the chicken.

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Towards the end of the video, he puts everything together to prepare the final dish.

Take a look at this video of Gordon Ramsay cooking butter chicken:

The video was shared about 11 hours ago. Since then, the clip has collected nearly 2.1 million views. It has also accumulated tons of comments from people. While some said that they find the dish “acceptable”, a few suggested ways in which they think it can be prepared better. A few, however, were not at all impressed.

What did Instagram users say about Gordon Ramsay’s dish?

“Obviously this is nowhere perfect but if you only have 15 minutes to cook at home it’s good enough,” wrote an Instagram user. “Everything was fine until he said tomato sauce,” added another.

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“Add cashew nut paste to make it creamy. Skip ketchup. At least burn a charcoal in the end and cover it,” joined a third. “Tomato sauce? Lemon zest? I guess that’s a different version of the dish, not butter chicken. Not close,” expressed a fourth. “It’s acceptable, just drop the ketchup and use tomato,” shared a fifth. “Nope. It’s not butter chicken,” wrote a sixth.

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