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Meet Kit Kat, the jump-roping cat who did 9 skips in 60 seconds

Aug 22, 2023 03:45 PM IST

Apart from jumping a rope, Kit Kat can do around 20 tricks, including meowing on command, going to a mark and touching with his paw.

A video showcasing the impressive jump-roping skills of Kit Kat, a 13-year-old tabby cat, was recently shared on the official YouTube channel of Guinness World Records (GWR). Alongside his owner Trisha Seifried, the talented feline jumped the rope nine times within a minute. The record was set in 2020, and Kit Kat holds it till today.

Kit Kat showing off his jump-roping skills. (Guinness World Records)
Kit Kat showing off his jump-roping skills. (Guinness World Records)

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“Most skips by a cat in one minute - 9 by Kit Kat,” reads the title written alongside the video shared on YouTube by Guinness World Records.

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“The most skips by a cat in one minute is 9, and was achieved by Kit Kat with his trainer Trisha Seifried (USA), in Pacific, Missouri, USA, on January 10, 2020,” the organisation wrote in the description of the video.

“He’d been training for this moment his whole life,” the cat’s owner told GWR. “By six months old Kit Kat was jumping rope in front of huge crowds of people at the farm, helping to bust myths that cats can’t be trained,” she added.

Apart from jumping ropes, the cat can do around 20 tricks, including giving high fives, waving, spinning, meowing on command, going to a mark, and touching with his paw, reported GWR.

The cat loves to learn and puts his whole heart into learning a trick when treats are involved. Kit Kat’s favourite reward is Tiki Cat Stix, closely followed by chicken.

Watch the cat skipping rope with its human below:

The video was shared on August 17 on YouTube. It has since accumulated over 50,000 views and more than 1,000 likes. A few even dropped comments on the video.

Here’s how people reacted to this video of the cat doing skips:

A YouTube user wrote, “Very nice. It’s not easy to train cats.”

“Cat owners, time for you all to create records,” posted another.

A third shared, “OMG, that’s just cuteness overload!”

“Someone is watching at home arguing with a cat. Saying this could be us. Only to hear meow meow,” commented a fourth.

A fifth enquired, “How does one train a cat? Our cats would just lay there and get hit by the rope.”

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