Pictures show ‘high-speed chase scene’ between baby elephant and buffalo

There is a chance that the images of the “high-speed chase scene” between baby elephant and buffalo will leave you smiling.
The image shows the elephant chasing a buffalo.(Instagram/@sheldricktrust)
The image shows the elephant chasing a buffalo.(Instagram/@sheldricktrust)
Published on Oct 12, 2021 02:29 PM IST
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By Trisha Sengupta

The official Instagram page of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an NGO, is a treasure trove for content related to elephants. They often share images and videos that leave people both amazed and amused. Case in point, their latest post involving a baby elephant and a buffalo. There is a possibility that their post will leave you smiling.

They shared a few images to showcase a “high-speed chase scene” between the baby elephant and the buffalo. Alongside, they also shared a witty and descriptive caption.

“For Esampu, all the world’s a stage. This natural-born entertainer is always putting on a show — mostly for her own benefit! When a buffalo stopped by Ithumba for a drink, she turned the moment into a high-speed chase scene, complete with shrieking trumpets and flapping ears. The poor buffalo didn’t realize that he had only been recruited to act out one of her latest dramas and ran away as fast as his legs would carry him. Esampu seemed quite pleased with her performance, as you can see in the final slide,” they wrote.

They also added a few more lines to share the rescue story of Esampu. “We rescued Esampu five years ago, after Big Life rangers found her abandoned in the Chyulu Hills. Ever since that day, life has been a little more lively with her in it!” they added.

Take a look at the post:


With over 14,000 views since being shared, the post has accumulated varied comments.

“I thought water buffaloes are quite aggressive?” asked an Instagram user. To which, the NGO replied, “They can be, but in a face-off with an elephant, they’ll usually make themselves scarce!”

“My baby! I haven’t seen her in ages. Thanks for highlighting her. She looks fabulous and thriving so well!” posted another. “My what a little darling actress she is!!!! Love her personality,” expressed a third.

What are your thoughts on the post?

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