Soldier saves a drowning fawn(Twitter/@buitengebieden_)
Soldier saves a drowning fawn(Twitter/@buitengebieden_)

Soldier saves fawn from drowning, netizens thank him

A video of the soldier saving the fawn has gone viral on Twitter
By Khyati Sanger
PUBLISHED ON JUN 14, 2021 02:07 PM IST

A heartwarming video of a soldier saving a fawn struggling to stay afloat has gone viral on Twitter. The video was shared by a Twitter account, Buitengebieden, which often tweets adorable clips featuring animals. The rescue video may fill your heart with joy.

The 31-second-long clip begins with the soldier balancing himself on a huge log over a lake. As the clip commences, he manages to scoop up the drowning fawn safely. The recording ends with the man carrying the fawn into the woods.* The video is captioned, “Soldier rushes to rescue a baby fawn from drowning. Thank you.” Take a look at the clip:

Since being shared on June 11, the clip has garnered over 96,000 views and several comments. Some tweeple thanked the soldier for his act of kindness, while others called it a heartening video. “Not all Heroes wear capes!” one commented. “Heartwarming. Restores faith in the human race” mentioned another. “Thank you so much for saving a beautiful fawn.” commented a third. “So glad he saved it but my heart's torn over this little one.” shared a fourth.

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